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Angels Unaware

Such a sense of peace
Dwelling in a prayer
Resting in the comfort
Of angels unaware

So glorious the sunrise
Such beauty to appear
A song within the light
Of angels unaware

When our time has come
All will be known made clear
Of the many blessings
Of angels now aware

Danger was averted
Grateful our soul here
Safe within the arms
Of angels unaware

A heavenly encounter
That quickly disappeared
Left with only love
Of angels unaware

Angels of the Hour

In the blessed stillness
Before my day begins
Open my grateful heart
To the silence of within

As this hour opens
A new day to see
I rise to give thanks for
New opportunities

Accepting tasks today
Tackle them with courage
Through mindful, cheerful work
To serve and to encourage

At this mid-morning hour
Grateful for life’s’ gift
Taking a deep breath
A prayer for peace, to lift

At hour of high noon
I lift up heart and mind
And in this moment
Grateful silence, find

Day declines to evening
May I be renewed
In Spirit and not tired
To give my best, pursued

As this evening hour
The harvest of today
To give thanks from my heart
Learned for another day

And in the rest of night
A prayer to all, impart
And for the gift of dreams
I open up my heart

Meet the Angel of the Hour