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Attitude Birthing

New day arising
The light our God lifts
In colors or gray
Presented a gift

Perhaps one of beauty
Rejoicing to pray
Or cloudy and rainy
Feel downcast this day

Attitude birthing
A choice within you
We make our horizon
One of our own view

One that we bring
To others we shine
Let You be our light
In colors divine

Into the Pool

On a stroll with Grandpa
In an afternoon, cool
When he reached out
And pushed me in the pool

Why did he do that
Confused that I be
Then he lent a hand
To share wisdom with me

Like it or not
You’ll find in your way
Someone will push you
In the pool everyday

Will you be whining
Complain or might cry
Perhaps you’ll be angry
Or punch will you try

Or rise with a smile
See what you can learn
Who you might help?
Though you be uncertain

Decision to make
Right now, and right here
An attitude chose
Of life to prepare

This is an excerpt from The Noticer Returns by Andy Andrews.

Out-flowing or In Sucking

Two different attitudes
That we each can bring
One of the out-flowing
The other “in-sucking”

Love is an attitude
Patient and is kind
With spirit generous
Out-flowing of divine

Or be critical
Setting my boundary
Defensive out of fear
“In sucking”, about me

Let us each live in
A constant state of love
Intention to do well
A heart of God above