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Autumn Breeze

A treasure partaken
To set soul at ease
Found in the blessing
Of an autumn breeze

The same that gives moment
To gentle great sway
Or moving the clouds
Along the way

Friends of the light
To guide and inspire
Always to calling
Direction of higher

So, rest on the sunlight
Of warming rays flow
A prayer of the letting
Of which way to go

Great Turning

Become now aware
To signs of the learning
A season before us
Of the great turning

Birds of migrating
Changing of leaves
Time of the morning
A chill in the breeze

The whole earth of turning
Of axis to spin
The vision of light
Of new way begin

Through whisper of Spirit
For each soul to know
That there comes a time
For us to let go

Let us each turn
The soul to prepare
To the eternal One
A season of prayer

Autumns Day is Done

Season is complete
As Autumns day is done
Time of turning page
Winter here begun

Fruit of colors sweet
Of inner beauty shared
Surrendering of all
Emptiness prepared

Gift of nourishment
In silence to surround
Seeking of the light
Fertile is the ground

Fully entering
Souls anticipation
Birthing of new life
Seeds of contemplation

Palette of Autumn

A palette of Autumn
On a sky of pure blue
A psalm of wonder
To soul, shining through

To rest in marvel
Of season to be
Gifts that You offer
A grace of beauty

One of the drawing
Of dwelling within
A stroll of entrance
Communion begin

Be of the moment
Of this day aware
Blessings bestowed
To us everywhere