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Beauty In

A pile of rocks
And scraggly trees
On a mountain high
And we see majesty

The unknown below
Covered by sea
And we find a vision
Of tranquility

From an ugly seed
A gift from the earth
Colors of joy
Of a flowers birth

With a lens of truth
It’s clear to see
Oh Lord, through your love
You see beauty in me

Beauty of the Senses

Today I saw the sun rise
A blessing from above
Casting on us all
A vision of God’s love

Today I heard the bird sing
Of lyric singing clear
The joy of the being
In this moment here

Today I heard the stream flow
A thought to contemplate
Water on a journey
Unto the ocean great

Today I saw a child
Swinging joyfully
Trusting in his Father
How God wants us to be

Today I took a deep breath
Of the fresh cool air
Drawing of the deeper
That led unto a prayer

Beauty of the senses
A message let us share
The gifting of His love
Of bringing heaven here

Beauty Serene

I’ll bless you a morning
Of beauty serene
No sunlight of shining
Be shown in the scene

Silence is flowing
Sky be of gray
One of still water
Of canvas to pray

Soft the Word calling
Attune soul to hear
Spirit of drawing
The soul to endear

A gifting of blessing
Of nourishment feed
Grateful God gives
Just what our soul needs

Senses Filled with Beauty

Incense is lit
Of fragrance surround
Smoke of the rising
The Spirit abounds

A sprinkling of water
Touching the skin
A blessing beyond
Forgiveness of sin

To nurture the soul
Body and mind
Song of the stirring
And Word of divine

A building so grand
A sparkling of gold
Is filled with Your grace
Of Presence, behold

A taste for the palette
Of wine and of bread
Of body and blood
Let our longing be fed

A celebration
Of our soul to see
To fill all our senses
With such beauty

Beauty That We See

We just do not want
To merely see beauty
Though God knows even
That is enough bounty

We want something else
In words, can hardly be
In one to be united
With beauty that we see

To pass into it
In ourselves to receive
To bathe, become part of
In hope to us believe

Beauty of the drawing
Consuming of the Son
That of the unseen
Becoming of the One

We do not want merely to see beauty, though, God knows, even that is bounty enough. We want something else which can hardly be put into words — to be united with the beauty we see, to pass into it, to receive it into ourselves, to bathe in it, to become part of it. C.S. Lewis, The Weight of Glory

Beauty of Unseen

My soul has been blessed
By views of such beauty
The moments of my life
Are cherished joyfully

First flower of spring
Ocean of the light
Mountains majesty
Stars of deserts night

Beneath a wedding veil
A kiss of a goodbye
Child’s hand drawn card
The love in Grandmas eyes

In closing of the eyes
Into light pristine
That the most beautiful
Is that of the unseen

Beauty of Stillness

A whisper of offer
Of silence flows through
A moment of stillness
Of calling from You

A pause in the way
Of falling into
A dwelling of stillness
Of quiet with You

An intimate binding
Of love in the view
A prayer of stillness
Of being with You

A vessel of offer
Of gift of value
A peace of stillness
Of sharing with You

Beauty Outside and In

Who thought this was beautiful
The stained glass and the light
Must have been inspired
They surely got it right

Bountiful the color
There’s so much to see
Details so amazing
Flowing over me

Wonderful the setting
Gifts to soul a peace
Cast aside the worldly
Of all to release

Time to let it go
Prayer of soul begin
In this blessed setting
To beauty of within

Place of Beauty

Goal of hearts desire
Where you can fully be
Come now my beloved
Find your place of beauty

Be it in a sunrise
Of mountains majesty
A path within the woods
Or gaze upon the sea

Perhaps the work of hands
Garden which to tend
Food of the preparing
Coffee with a friend

Wherever joy is found
Where you are fully you
Let the Spirit shine
And let His love flow through

Day of Beauty

Enter day of beauty
Way to contemplate
Your gifts here bestowed
May soul resonate

Breathe your breath of presence
Draw it deep and clear
Wherever foot may lead
Know your dwelling here

Seek the love you offer
Abundant showered light
Cherishing your mercy
Flame of joy ignite

Let us be your beauty
Child of the way
Bringing you to share
Heaven here this day