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Love Becomes

Child of the innocence
Body of the need
Mother of unselfishness
Love becomes a seed

Message of a broken world
Of pride and fantasy
I’m the one that’s in control
Love becoming me

Lost within a valley dark
Difficult to cope
Desperate for a Savior
Love becomes a hope

Found within the Spirits breath
The Fathers outstretched hand
The Son of God born unto us
Love becomes a man

Call of greater purpose be
Of our cross to lift
Dying here unto ourselves
Love becomes a gift

The Scene Becomes

Senses surrounded
In sunlight adorning
The soft sounds of
A summer morning

Something simple
In the scene
Stirs within
The soul serene

The sky supplies
A subtle blue
Savior, pursue

A silent psalm
Subside into
A sacred space
Supplied by You

Your Presence shines
Through Spirit sent
The scene becomes
A sacrament