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A Perfect Beginning

A masterpiece moving
Of colors to lift
In light of outpouring
Each mornings a gift

On a palette of silence
Flows the song of beauty
From all of creation
In sweet harmony

A breath of new life
Within the fresh air
In warm and the chill
In drawing right here

A perfect beginning
Of blessing each day
An offer of calling
Of setting to pray

New Beginning

A gift of new beginning
Prepared within the way
Oh Lord may you bless
A prayer upon this day

May your light shine bright
Enlightenment of grace
May joy and love abound
A prayer upon this place

Your beloved gather
Each of different goals
May they turn to You
A prayer upon these souls

And within this space
May all souls be aware
In Spirit of presence
They dwell within a prayer

Beginnings’ Offering

Priority to set
Of gifting to prepare
Awakening this day
Into our time of prayer

Beginnings’ offering
When the mind is clear
One of morning light
Within the open air

Stilling of the soul
To stir the inner ear
Speaking heart to heart
Silence that we share

Birthing of this day
Creator be aware
Of outer and within
Your Presence being here

Beginning of Love

Based upon a quote by Thomas Merton

The beginning of love
Is the will to see
To let those we love
Be themselves perfectly

The resolution
For us not to twist
To fit our own image
Let their being exist

If in loving them
We do not love who they be
But only potential
Of their likeness to me

Then we do not love them
But we love only
That of ourselves
Of reflection to see