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A Being Prayer

Nestled in
Your Presence here
The Spirit flows
Within the air

Rest within
Your comfort, care
Peace surrounds
Soul be aware

Dwelling in
Nearer than near
Binding deep
A being prayer

A soaking in
Your light so clear
A servant sent
Of love to share

Letting, Loving, Finding, Being

In letting You find me
I find You in loving
In loving in You
I find You in being

Finding my being
A being of letting
Becoming in letting
A being of loving

Our Being Whole

What is of Your Presence
That calls me here to be
A drawing of into
That is consuming me

One of centering
Of simple way to pray
Taking fears and worries
And lets them fade away

A resting into being
Of letting go to find
Embrace of precious love
A binding of divine

Dwelling of perfection
Feeding of the soul
For found in Your Presence
Is our being whole

Knowing and Being

Into Your Presence
A knowing is heard
Deep beyond deep
Word beyond word

Comfort in binding
Of being part of
Prayer beyond prayer
Love beyond love

Home is the feeling
Of knowing sublime
Place beyond place
Time beyond time

Spirit is flowing
Our being is free
World beyond world
Me beyond me

Moment of Being

A practice of letting
View of the seeing
A witness within
This moment of being

Into awareness
A blessing so freeing
In this moment real
I am of being

Inner of stirring
Through Your Spirit sent
Embraced in your love
Being of moment

Let go and let in
This moment within
In binding of three
This being begin

A Beautiful Being

The Word is written
A truth that is freeing
We are wonderfully made
A beautiful being

Souls to encounter
This day of seeing
Sister and brother
A beautiful being

Awesome are You
Our God of believing
Present right here
A beautiful Being

Fully to share
This moment of fleeing
The binding of three
A beautiful being

Being of Letting

To set aside time
Cleaning the slate
A beautiful gift
Just to contemplate

Room full of silence
Your light to be shown
In being of letting
The Spirit be known

A basking into
Of focus to shift
Within Your Presence
And set soul adrift

One of receiving
Soul of restoring
Gifts of outpouring
To practice adoring

Filling of Presence
Us, simply to be
Love multiplying
Let it flow through me