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Blessedness of Being

Gift within Your Presence
Of prayer to begin
Moving from the outside
To of the within

Closing of the eyes
Drifting to our place
From the noise to silence
Centering of grace

With a word to offer
Repeating nice and slow
Gentle be surrender
One of letting go

Dwelling of the deeper
Peace of Thee so freeing
One of only love
In blessedness of being

Being of Here

A beautiful moment
Of being right here
When dwelling within
Your Presence aware

No sight to see
Nothing to hear
No past or future
Just being of here

One of the letting
The Spirit of prayer
Of binding divine
Our being of here

To be of the moments
Of being right here
Blessed be the soul
Of being to share

Living Word of Being

Father, Son and Spirit
You welcome us in to
Love of the divine
Gift beyond value

Truth of the accepting
Warmth in Your embrace
Treasure beyond know
Flowing mercies grace

Let us be of being
Deep of the within
Nourishing the soul
Soaking You all in

One of transformation
Of giftings to prepare
Living Word of being
Of Your love to share


Stilling, stilling
Soul be willing
Drawing in
The love of You

Praying, praying
Love conveying
Safe within
The peace of You

Dwelling, dwelling
Soul is swelling
Soaking in
The joy of You

Being, being
Love so freeing
Saved within
The grace of You

Sharing, sharing
Soul of caring
Gifting of
The way of You

State of Being

When the road is busy
To You, our will release
And come let our being
Be a state of peace

Give what we’ve received
Treasures of above
And come let our being
Be a state of love

And when we have fallen
Your mercy to embrace
And come let our being
Be a state of grace

Mercy, love and peace
In You, we are seeing
We pray, let our being
Be of Your state of being

A Being of Grace

A peaceful presence
That we all chase
A being of
A state of grace

So simply to be
Of gift to embrace
Offered for free
Acceptance of grace

Where sins are forgiven
Without a trace
Blessing of mercy
A shower of grace

Soul of the sacred
In a holy place
In presence of You
A being of grace

Our Being Whole

What is of Your Presence
That calls me here to be
A drawing of into
That is consuming me

One of centering
Of simple way to pray
Taking fears and worries
And lets them fade away

A resting into being
Of letting go to find
Embrace of precious love
A binding of divine

Dwelling of perfection
Feeding of the soul
For found in Your Presence
Is our being whole

Knowing and Being

Into Your Presence
A knowing is heard
Deep beyond deep
Word beyond word

Comfort in binding
Of being part of
Prayer beyond prayer
Love beyond love

Home is the feeling
Of knowing sublime
Place beyond place
Time beyond time

Spirit is flowing
Our being is free
World beyond world
Me beyond me