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The Being of All

A cool autumn morning
In light before dawn
A gaze into here
Lets Spirit be spawned

A drawing so fresh
In clearing the mind
To empty our being
Of prayer here to find

An offer of soul
Of simply to be
The being of all
Is the being in me

How precious the gift
This stilling of time
Wrapped in sweet silence
Within the divine

Soul into Being

From out of the darkest
From blindness to sight
A world of the turning
Comes into the light

The warming of air
Of stirring to pray
The wind of caressing
Is sent on the way

As is their calling
Announcement of bringing
With mornings’ first breath
The bird’s gift of singing

From out of our slumber
Is birthed our first thought
From the roots of our faith
Let the Spirit be sought

To a glorious sunrise
The Spirit of seeing
Who’s come to awaken
Our soul into being

Being of the Light

If the soul is willing
Of humble letting go
Found within each dawning
A gift for us to know

Between the dark and light
A glimpse of the divine
A treasure of the capture
To stir this soul of mine

Appearing in horizon
The Spirit shining bright
We present our being
To being of the light

The desire of mankind
Offered in the finding
To know the love of God
So easy is the binding

Between heaven and earth
In this moment here
The entrance to this calling
Is but a simple prayer

A Way of Being

A step outside
Of horizon to see
Checked that off my list
On to my next duty

Engrossed in my work
With time flying by
When I caught a glimpse
Of a transforming sky

Had to get a picture
To share what God created
Couldn’t get it right
Feeling so frustrated

Now back to my list
In a big hurry
A whisper of gift blessed
Just slow down and be

A drawing of vision
God kept calling me to
Intensely beautiful
This glorious view

A reminder this day
Through this gift of seeing
Not a list of doing
But way of being

A Canvas of Being

The most powerful prayer
Of worthy work, divine
When the outcome is
Of a quiet mind

The more powerful
The quieter the mind
More telling, the deeper
More perfect prayer we find

Lord, let our quiet mind
Be a canvas of being
With each living moment
God’s Presence of freeing

For to the quiet mind
We will come to see
Gifts of our Gods endless

Meister Eckhart | May 2018 (Vol. XXXI, No. 5)

The most powerful prayer, one well nigh omnipotent, and the worthiest work of all is the outcome of a quiet mind. The quieter the mind, the more powerful, the worthier, the deeper, the more telling and more perfect the prayer is. To the quiet mind all things are possible.

In the Being

Go, go, do, do
There’s no time to wait
Accomplish this and that
No time to contemplate

Got to be productive
Keep yourself busy
Move onto the next thing
It’s so hard to be

Here’s a thought to offer
Truth within of seeing
Is God in the doing
Or is He in the being?

So, let us waste some time
In moment here to stay
Quiet now the soul
Do nothing here but pray

Listen in the silence
To a simple purpose of
To come and let our doing
Be flowing from His love

Mist of Being

Blessed be the morning
Into soul of seeing
Sacredness is shared
In the mist of being

Holy filtered light
Of gentle colors shown
In witness of the moment
Is the known unknown

Easy be the letting
Surrendering of grace
Comfort of divine
Of welcoming embrace

Of Your Presence dwelling
From the forest deep
To rolling pastures green
Into my being seep

Stillness be the offer
Peace of binding be
Drawing into One
Of beloved unity

Every living being
Offers gratitude
Safe within the sharing
Its’ inner solitude

Blessedness of Being

Gift within Your Presence
Of prayer to begin
Moving from the outside
To of the within

Closing of the eyes
Drifting to our place
From the noise to silence
Centering of grace

With a word to offer
Repeating nice and slow
Gentle be surrender
One of letting go

Dwelling of the deeper
Peace of Thee so freeing
One of only love
In blessedness of being

Being of Here

A beautiful moment
Of being right here
When dwelling within
Your Presence aware

No sight to see
Nothing to hear
No past or future
Just being of here

One of the letting
The Spirit of prayer
Of binding divine
Our being of here

To be of the moments
Of being right here
Blessed be the soul
Of being to share

Living Word of Being

Father, Son and Spirit
You welcome us in to
Love of the divine
Gift beyond value

Truth of the accepting
Warmth in Your embrace
Treasure beyond know
Flowing mercies grace

Let us be of being
Deep of the within
Nourishing the soul
Soaking You all in

One of transformation
Of giftings to prepare
Living Word of being
Of Your love to share