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My Beloved One

This truth to be known
Completely aware
You are loved truly
Right now, and right here

You are loved fully
Cherished, adored
With a perfect love
Couldn’t be loved more

Repeat in your soul
In your veins to flow
Becoming your flesh
Incarnation to know

Echoing His voice
Child, I love you
My beloved one
I’ll always love you

We’re His Beloved One

Our identity
Is blessed through God’s own Son
Still, He speaks to us
We’re His beloved one

Ponder this now deeply
Let this truth sink in
Cherished in the soul
Engrain it here within

Thought so underserving
Rise up in protest
Yet He makes it so
With our sins confessed

Let this be our mantra
Repeating in the way
See all through His lens
Refreshed each time we pray

Come One

Come now one beloved
Attune to light within
Come now know my calling
Let our prayer begin

Rest now one of dwelling
May all worries go
Come now know my loving
Let the Spirit flow

Be now one of knowing
Binding to the core
Come now know rejoicing
Let us all adore

Come now one of loving
Way has been prepared
Go now child blessed
Let our joy be shared

Gift of Belovedness

A treasure awaits
Unclaimed gift of love
Of our belovedness
From our God above

We are loved completely
Not based on what we do
Let us embrace it fully
In our soul ring true

Fruit sprouts from its truth
Of resounding joy
Light of You emitting
Love to share, employ

Engrain in the soul
Echo through and through
In everyone you meet
They’re His beloved too!