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The Word Beyond

A glorious vision
Overwhelms me
What is the word
That’s beyond beauty

Deep the indwelling
Of presence above
What is the word
To describe beyond love

So sacred the moment
When all our fears cease
What is the word
Found beyond peace

Blessed is the soul
To become aware
That the word beyond
Is gifted right here

A Gift Beyond

Little Church of Presence
Contains our great treasure
Blessing all for free
A gift beyond all measure

Little Church of peace
Jesus dwelling here
Blessing of divine
A gift beyond compare

Little Church of hope
Of vision here to be
Blessing heavens light
A gift for all to see

Little Church of prayer
Beloved are aware
Blessing all who enter
The gift of love to share

Gift Beyond Claiming

You are My beloved
How I love you dear
Gift beyond all measure
Claim it now right here

Peace my Son offers
Seen with the souls’ eyes
One beyond this world
Claim your eternal prize

Joy found in each moment
A simple little choice
To be within My presence
Claim it and rejoice

Peace and love and joy
Each moment every day
Not just to receive
But blessed to give away

Deep Beyond Deep

Read in the scriptures
Through Spirit to seep
Infinite wisdom
Deep beyond deep

To trust in the Father
A step of faith leap
Infinite grace
Deep beyond deep

When lost in sin
Forgiveness to reap
Infinite mercy
Deep beyond deep

Known in the soul
Our treasure to keep
Infinite love
Deep beyond deep

A Taste of Beyond

Before I awake
Mind halfway there
A birth of first thought
Adrift into prayer

Body asleep
Yet fully aware
I am somewhere else
Yet fully here

Encompassed in light
Like surrounding air
One in Your being
No word of fear

A beautiful Oneness
All a part be
Breath is the Spirit
Love is the key

A taste of beyond
Which mind can’t construe
A glimpse of dimension
There’s much more of You

Eyes now awaken
Mind takes control
Cling to this vision
In light of the soul

Light Beyond

A moment of dawning
Of sunrise to gaze
A ponder of prayer
Of thought to amaze

93 million
Miles away
The light is flowing
To us this day

Countless rays bursting
Of beauty behold
Warming us all
Only 8 minutes old

And what of the light
Beyond the earth, be
Just like Your love
Flows infinity

Deeper and Beyond

Resting in your presence
A drawing, nice and slow
Found within your blessing
Deeper than we know

To be fully present
Letting will concur
Spirit speaking through
A prayer past human words

Known within the soul
That you are nearer than near
You carry me into
A being beyond here

In binding acceptance
In light of beauty
Grace of receiving
Love purer than can be