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Romans 8:26-27

My brothers and sisters
The Spirit comes to
The aid of our weakness
A gifting to you

We here as human
For we do know not
Like the divine
To pray as we ought

Spirits’ intercession
Is so incredible
With groanings so deep
They’re inexpressible

And the one who
Searches our hearts
Knows the intentions
Of gifts to impart

For He intercedes
For the holy ones
According to His
Will to be done

A blessing partaking
Before us this day
To let go of our prayer
And let the Spirit pray

Scripture to Contemplate

On words of the scriptures
To contemplate
Joy of rejoicing
Of Your love so great

Doubting or discouraged
Ignite our hope to claim
For He will not quench
A smoldering flame

He is always there
In times of deepest need
For He will not break
A tender and bruised reed

He does not condemn us
Our soul He does adore
With a simple blessing
To go and sin no more

Difficult Questions, Easy Answers

When lost or depressed
Confusing life be
Some questions to ask
Of simplicity

When deep in the valley
In darkest of night
One question to pray
How do I find the light (John 8:12)

When yolk is heavy
Our burdens to bear
To whom can we turn
Of our cross to share (Matthew 11:30)

Thoughts become murky
Truth hard to perceive
A need of foundation
In whom to believe (John 14:6)

Sin overwhelming
In need of mercy
One full of grace
Who can rescue me (John 3:16)

Psalm 86

Lord you are forgiving
All good through and through
Abounding in Your love
To all who call to You

Hear my prayer oh Lord
My cry for mercy
In distress I call
Because You answer me

Teach me Your ways, oh Lord
Your faithfulness, proclaim
With undivided heart
Trusting in Your name

I praise You, Lord my God
Heart be magnified
Forever let me say
Your name be glorified

For Your love is great
Steadfast love for me
My soul you’ve delivered
In Your eternity

Psalm 139

You formed my inmost being
Knit in my mother’s womb
Wonderfully am made
One of Your heirloom

Precious Your designs
To You let my praise flow
Wonderful are Your works
My very self you know

My bones are not hidden
From You Oh Lord my birth
Being made in secret
From the depths of earth

Your book all written down
Your eyes saw unformed me
All my days were shaped
Before one came to be

Ephesians Prologue

In Him we were chosen
With purpose to fulfill
All in one accord
Of intention of His will

That we might exist
For the praise of His glory
We who hoped in Christ
The sharing of His story

Who’ve heard the Word of truth
The gospel of salvation
Believed in Him were sealed
With Spirit’s proclamation

Which is the first installment
Our inheritance to be
Redeemed as God’s possession
To praise of His glory

Colossians 3

Since you have been raised
Up with Christ to be
Look to things above
Where Christ is sitting, see

Let thoughts be above
Not of the earth below
Know the life you have
Hidden in Christ we know

When Christ is revealed
And He is your life too
Revealed in His glory
Faith of message true

Put on a new self
Progress unto the greater
The more it is revealed
In image of Creator

Let God Hit Them

There is a saying
Some bible groups embrace
“You need to duck, to let
God hit them in the face”

I do understand
What they try to say
Be not overbearing
But other thoughts convey

One of sweet revenge
You’re not in the wrong
But are those the words
Of our God, we belong?

Find it in scripture
Word of only love
One of patient kindness
To guide our way above

So let go in love
Word to contemplate
Look to Corinthians
In verses 4 through 8

Two Objects Together

A beautiful sight
For the soul to see
Two objects together
Of simplicity

An altar of wood
A passion of love
A bible at rest
Opened above

Man and divine
Two sides in finding
Here now connected
Jesus in binding

The Gospel is spoken
That speaks of the One
Loves ultimate price
Gift of Gods Son

Treasure to cherish
One of the Word
Let Spirit indwell
Its’ truth to be heard

James 5:7-10

Be patient my brother
Until the Lords coming
Let hearts eye be watchful
Will, here succumbing

See how the farmer
Waits for fruit of the earth
Be patient for it
‘Til rain give seeds’ birth

You too be patient
Make your hearts firm
Of the Lords coming
Of faith reaffirm

Complain not my sister
Judge not you be
The judge will be standing
Before gates you’ll see

Take as example
Hardship and patience
As prophets who spoke
Of Lord of acceptance