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Binding in Brokenness

One thing we know for sure
Broken all are we
Thou our sins are many
Forgiveness found in Thee

In You we are made whole
This truth to concede
If we all were perfect
No God would we need

When judgment arises
Acceptance be spoken
Give them the grace
Allowed to be broken

Help them just to be
One in Christ of finding
When brokenness is shared
Joy found in the binding

Binding at the Center

The traffic’s loud today
Sky is overcast
Rain is coming down
Bleak is the forecast

The mind too is racing
Feeling overwhelmed
Way too much to do
Let Spirit here descend

Let me find Your silence
Drifting into prayer
In solitudes embrace
Of Presence be aware

Binding at the center
Sacred light appear
Soul and Spirit binding
Let us view from here

Binds Your Embrace

So sweet the song
Of silent morn
From which this earthly
Light is born

So soft the breeze
Of skies movement
From which this daily
Path is sent

So still the breath
Of Spirits way
From which this spark
Draws soul to pray

So deep the love
Of blessed grace
From which this pause
Binds Your embrace

Binding Presence

Let the soul be simple
All baggage cast away
Trust be childlike
Tongue be quick to pray

Spirit of amazement
Seeking natures gift
Colors of abundance
View this day to lift

Heart of the accepting
Of souls encountered blessed
Fragrance of compassion
Love of Lord professed

Being of the moment
Binding presence, know
Humility of grace
Let your Spirit flow