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Spirit Blessed

Come, oh come, oh Spirit blessed
As colors rising to express
To start this day with our request
In the light of dawning

Come, oh come, oh Spirit blessed
With humble will let us confess
To Your power we attest
Unto our knees of falling

Come, oh come, oh Spirit blessed
When we are put to the test
Through Your grace let us profess
Your Word of wisdom spawning

Come, oh come, oh Spirit blessed
Let this weary soul find rest
And turn to you when we are stressed
When we feel darkness calling

Come, oh come, oh Spirit blessed
With our praise, our joy express
In sharing prayer, let us invest
Our daily path of walking

A Blessed View

Though far away
Still, they appear
And in their silence
Their message flows clear

Through the earth’s trials
Still, they remain
For even horizon
Cannot contain

Engrained a desire
To ascend to their way
We know that our Lord
Was drawn there to pray

An offer of treasure
These mountains that be
A vision above
Of perspective to see

In soul or in body
See through this gateway
The view that is blessed
Of our God here this day

Blessed in the Light

Passing through the kitchen
A sight caught my view
I saw something more
Than light shining through

A pause in the vision
To let it surround
To soak in its rays
It’s gifts to be found

Just to be loved
In this moment here
The unseen of seeing
Of heaven, aware

The sense of to be
The soul to alight
A sacrament holy
Blessed in Your light

Of welcomed acceptance
Complete Your embrace
With Word of beyond
A knowing of grace


He took, blessed, and broke
Then He gave the bread
A miracle to all
Five thousand souls were fed

And for His last supper
Again, He took and blessed
He broke and He gave
His love to friends, professed

The chosen One was blessed
On His cross was broken
God incarnate, given
He is the Word spoken

Walking to Emmaus
With bread of which to share
Took, blessed, broke and gave
Our Lord to them appeared

And so, as His beloved
Through Him, spiritually
Chosen, blessed and broken
And given, let us be

Based upon words by Henri Nouwen

Blessed be the Soul

Blessed be the soul
One of eyes to see
Of a grateful heart
For all God gifts to thee

Blessed be the soul
Of their will, concede
Of a humble heart
That grace is all they need

Blessed be the soul
Reward of seeking shown
Of a joyful heart
Of their true purpose known

Blessed be the soul
Of mercy that abounds
Of a loving heart
One lost and now is found

Blessed be the soul
One of movement here
Of a blessed heart
Starting with a prayer

Blessed be the soul
Who opens wide the door
For our blessed Lord
Who blesses even more

Blessed on Fathers’ Day

Sitting in the sunset
Of this Fathers’ day
Reflecting on the blessings
That have come my way

From those gone before me
Some are here no more
Their sacrifice for me
Love that they out pour

Souls that now surround me
I hope they truly know
That they are my joy
And how I love them so

Oh, what did I do?
To receive this blessed fate
To know that God is good
From these blessings great

A reflection of the light
That my Lord does share
From the source of One
Love beyond compare

So grateful is my heart
May my soul confess
That I live a life
In which I’m truly blessed

Two Souls Blessed

Went to buy a coffee
By man without a care
Standing in the line
The man by me appeared

Would you buy me a cup?
And a sandwich too?
I tried conversation
But he just stared through

He went into the cold
Gone in the dark street
A passing in this time
Two worlds that did meet

Louie is his name
Who chose me here this day
In giving and receiving
Two souls blessed in their way

A Sign Blessed

We all need connection
Of light to shine through
An intimate blessing
A sign blessed through You

One of our choosing
Agreement in kind
Which makes our Lord smile
Through our life, we’ll find

A sparkle on water
A cardinal to see
Honk of a goose
Or flowers beauty

And when we glimpse it
Know that it’s meant
To warm our soul
By His love it’s sent

You Blessed a New Way

I gave you some paper
You blessed me some grace
My life decorated
You from a simple place

I sat off in silence
You chose a connection
I chose the way easy
You sought redirection

I went across the street
You traveled distance great
I shared about the weather
You, words to contemplate

I bought you a lunch
Wisdom you did share
I went into to eat
You started with a prayer

Offered things of world
You brought heaven here
Now I’m left to ponder
A new way to prepare

Blessed Throne

In moment approaching
Through grace that is shone
A kneeling before
Your blessed throne

One of great honor
Our Creator, our King
An underserved sinner
With nothing to bring

In fear and trembling
A respect that is due
Our life in Your hands
All laid before You

See now a manger
Son hung on a tree
A passion of love
Is blessed with mercy