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A Blessing of Grace

Come here my beloved
Fall in my embrace
Allow me to gift you
A blessing of grace

To draw our hearts closer
Of love to outpour
To know you’re a treasure
And how much you’re adored

In arms of surrounding
May you find safety
A place of protection
Of peace cover thee

Found in the grip
Of hands holding tight
Are ones here to help you
And serve with delight

This blessing a glimpse
I hope that you find
Of the perfect blessing
From our God divine

A Morning of Blessing

With a simple pause
Found in the view
A morning of blessing
Of light pouring through

Nothing to earn
And nothing to do
Just of the receiving
A gift blessed from You

One of the drawing
The feeling, belonging
Found in the comfort
The deepest of longing

This simple being
Of aligning the way
Discovers the treasure
Of pausing to pray

Blessing Here

In the sunrise
The light appears
There’s a world
Of blessing here

Drawing deep
Of the fresh air
There’s a life
Of blessing here

Blessed souls
Of way to share
There’s a bond
Of blessing here

Gifts of grace
Within our prayer
Beyond this world
Of blessing here

The Blessing of Light

From a night of darkness
Of blustery chill
Sky of snow falling
We awake to morn’, still

We blink once or twice
Rechecking our eyes
A miracle blessed
Of wonders surprise

A pasture of snow
Icicles formed
With a coating of ice
Each tree is adorned

Sun of arising
The scene to ignite
The world set ablaze
With the blessing of light

Every branch glows
Each blade of grass shines
Diamonds of brilliance
Proclaim joy divine

A Blessing of Clarity

In these days of worry
Of troubles we’re aware
A question, where to turn
To one who loves you dear

The Lord is the answer
His voice always near
And it’s a true blessing
When He makes it clear

On the side of the road
A sign did appear
A Word for the wise
Of “Faith over Fear”

Turning of the future
In the Lords hand to share
Living in the moment
The blossoms now appear

Blessing Field

Let silence speak
This morning prayer
And our soul be
Of witness here

This new day births
As light reveals
The blessing of
This morning’s field

So, tender be
It’s touch of love
A gift of grace
From heav’n above

Caress of warmth
To soil deep
Of nourishment
Of growth to seep

A whisper soft
Thought to construe
That in the love
That we’re blessed too

Bless Them

Please bless them Lord
This day to be
Your gifts outpour
From grace of Thee

Let Spirit flow
With joy and love
Your heaven share
They take part of

Let Your light shine
With praise and song
With one heart join
We all belong

Let gratitude
Rein in their heart
With waves of love
From this day, start

For It Is a Blessing

For it is a blessing
To begin this day
To nourish the soul
In dawning to pray

You offer a palette
Of beauty to see
Your presence of being
Surrounding me

In silence of stilling
In facets of light
In colors abounding
Of Spirits insight

A falling into
Your arms of sweet grace
In comfort of knowing
Your loving embrace

Bless Me a Morning

Bless me a morning
One nice and clear
Your Presence abiding
Draw fresh of the air

Wrap me in birdsong
Sing to soul sweet
Creation awaken
Possibilities greet

Lift me to blue sky
Soft the clouds white
Praising Your glory
Bathe me in light

Lift branches high
Roll pastures green
Stir soul’s direction
To You in the scene

A Special Soul

We’ve all come across them
A blessing of the way
Such a special soul
That brightened up our day

Sharing of the message
They carry in their heart
Of God within their life
A joy to us impart

Connection of the greater
Of our soul to lift
Our God truly knows
They are to all a gift

Light glows all about them
And flows to us too
I hope that you do know
That special soul is you