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A Special Soul

We’ve all come across them
A blessing of the way
Such a special soul
That brightened up our day

Sharing of the message
They carry in their heart
Of God within their life
A joy to us impart

Connection of the greater
Of our soul to lift
Our God truly knows
They are to all a gift

Light glows all about them
And flows to us too
I hope that you do know
That special soul is you


Bless All

As the sun slowly rises
Light to the earth
A blessing upon
This new day of birth

Bless those who’ll pass
Bless all be born
Bless all with joy
And all those forlorn

Fill all who hunger
Quench all that thirst
Humble the righteous
Lift up the cursed

Answer the seeking
With gifts of divine
Bless all with love
And this heart of mine

Bless Your Child

Bless Your beloved child
One that You love true
Let us pray as one
He’s precious to me too

In day ahead before him
With challenges to face
Surround in Your Presence
Safe in warm embrace

A soul of innocence
One faithful to You
A lamb amongst the wolves
Be His shepherd true

In home of returning
A story let him share
Let us praise, rejoicing
Of this answered prayer

Bless Me of Morning

Bless me of morning
Of light through the trees
One of your casting
To set soul at ease

Bless me of being
Of nothing to fear
For your presence of love
Paves the way clear

Bless me of loving
Of perfect love true
Clean the glass clear
For you to flow through

Bless me of sharing
To souls here this day
One in Your loving
A life of Your way

Bless Your Protection

Oh Lord please stand guard
Upon our entry door
Blessing Your protection
All evil to abhor

Send Your angels strong
Temptations cast away
Build a fortress inner
Strengthened when we pray

The enemies attacking
So difficult to cope
Trust within Your promise
We turn to You, our hope

Power of Your goodness
In You, our only choice
When the battle passes
Let our souls rejoice!

Mornings Light Blessing

Bless me in this morning light
That I be faithful true
Cleanse my heart anew this day
That I may follow You

Fill me with the breath of peace
Still my soul in prayer
Align the view with heavens grace
To share Your kingdom here

Grace me in Your silence sweet
To seek the Spirits voice
Mold the heart with humbleness
Your love the only choice

Embrace me in forgiving arms
Your mercy may I claim
Let your model, model me
To let me do the same

A Blessing Of No Thank You

I thought of my friend
And sent them a card
Got no response back
Found that very hard

Upon a reflection
A change in the view
Where is my heart
Intention not true

Perhaps I was hoping
They’d complement me
Of how thoughtful I was
A great person I be

But if my intention
Was true from the heart
Thinking only of them
No response need impart

So, another thought
To do right here
To bless them in love
With a prayer to share