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A Field of Blessings

A field of blessings
Fruit of earth’s bounty
Seasons offerings
Of stilling beauty

A psalm of many songs
Bless this holy air
When the sound is silence
A sacred moment here

A light of many lenses
Paints a masterpiece
A portrait stroked of love
A sunrise gift of peace

A pasture of preparing
For souls who are aware
Of Spirits offering
Ingredients of prayer

My Blessings

I woke up this morning
In dawning to pray
Recounting my blessings
Of yesterday

Grateful for gifts
My soul to embrace
A practice of knowing
That all is His grace

Treasures of life
My gratitude, show
The Spirit did whisper
Now let them know

I am so thankful
I hope you do see
In sharing our lives
Your precious to me

Blessed Greeting

Blessed is the greeting
For one to impart
Truly genuine
Love flows from the heart

In sparkle of the eye
Warmth in smile deep
Joy within the air
Your Presence flowing seeps

Treasure in the binding
Gentleness of touch
Filling of desire
That I need so much

Glimpse of knowing seen
Soul now is aware
How in every moment
That which our Lord shares

A Sprinkle of Blessings

Calm now the water
Fill sky with blue
Gentle the breeze
A calling to you

Warm rays of casting
Calming waves flow
Joy in their cresting
Acceptance to know

One of my passion
These gifts of preparing
All just for you
Joy of the sharing

A sprinkle of blessings
Love to instill
Let my love be you
For it is my will