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Blossoms Joy

What is the source
The tree enjoys
That feeds the birth
Of blossoms joy

The one true light
Of many hues
From colors blessed
A gift to chose

The love within
A melody
The morning birds
Sing to thee

The showers hymn
The sky outpours
That soothes within
Right to the core

That feeds the stream
To join along
The psalm of praise
We all belong

Come let us be
Within this prayer
And with our soul
Our song to share

The source of all
These gifts of love
Our joy within
Our God above

A Trigger of Blossom

Let beauty of blossoms
Trigger the start
A memory of you
And the hole in my heart

Love of the missing
One that death stole
A longing for you
Can’t fill the hole

Memories arising
Your Spirit to flow
A warming inside
Love in the glow

Together we be
Your voice rings so clear
Remember, I love you
Know that I’m here

Grow with the Blossom

Beauty of spring
Creation so awesome
A whisper to soul
To grow with the blossom

Spirit of inner
Of His love to thirst
With joy unconstrained
Allow colors to burst

A story is lived
Community blessed
Of roots intertwined
Faith is professed

In seasons growth
In light that we share
Of branches of growth
Fruit that we bear

Blossoms Return

And so you return
My friend of the Spring
Your blossoms of beauty
With joy that you bring

Another year older
A grander display
Pronouncement of joy
In your humble way

Bursting of praise
Of Creator reflect
Only His purpose
This soul affect

Soon to let go
Of season to be
Encouragement blessed
For all souls to see

Sacrament of Blossom

In days awakening
A vision now appears
Found within Your garden
A cloud discovered near

Coming into focus
Surprise of gift to see
Not a cloud at all
But blossoms of the tree

In joy of silent song
A drawing calling me
Drifting into beauty
Dwelling, just to be

Wonder of the marvel
Grace of Gods sweet gift
Glorious the fragrance
Praise and joy to lift

In souls awakening
The vision becomes clear
Through sacrament of blossom
In cloud of Spirit here