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Of Colors Pink and Blue

I awoke to darkness
Of nothing but to see
But then upon horizon
It changed in front of me

Gently of appearing
Of the softest hue
One of the transforming
Of colors pink and blue

Though the earth be moving
Creation all was still
In awe of silent praising
We offer up our will

To the light of turning
In gift of day begun
And in this holy moment
All of us are one

Beautiful Blue

A pause into stillness
A gaze in the view
Just above horizon
Such a beautiful blue

Simple emptying
Above falling into
Spirit drifts along
With a cloud or two

One that calms the soul
Connection to the deep
Prayer of easy being
Comfort here to seep

Message which to carry
With humble look above
Providence of cover
One of precious love

Orange Turns to Blue

Soft is the horizon
As orange turns to blue
Last star of the night
Continues to shine through

Trees of silhouette
Frame this morning’s view
A whisper of to be
Warms the soul anew

Light of the bestowing
Awakening into
Rebirths inner calling
Drawing soaking through

Night of stilling water
Finds purpose to pursue
Gives rise to Spirit’s mist
An offering to You

Solitudes’ Blue

In shades of this morning
A blessing of view
Sweet of reflection
In solitudes blue

With feelings so low
Deeper the colors
For us to know

One of the calming
Of humility
Through prayer of turning
United we be

In one desire
Earth and heaven align
Through His gift of grace
Alignment we find

Lost in Water Blue

Gazing in horizon
Captured in the view
Find the soul a drifting
Lost in water blue

Seen in the reflection
Light of facet true
Gentle wave of flowing
A grace granted by You

Just beyond the vision
A prayer enter into
Along this world we’re seeing
Is way of Spirit, too

Soul of the connection
A whisper to construe
In gifts of the unseen
The way of true value