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A Body of Greater

Stillness so gentle
In water it shines
A dwelling of deeper
A blessing divine

A calling acceptance
Love here to know
A body of greater
One of the flow

Soft is the breeze
Spirit uplifting
Inner of stirring
A sending of gifting

A touching of light
A blessing preparing
A movement ordained
In reflection of sharing

Vessel of Mixing

Blessed are the chosen
In Jesus we believe
His of precious blood
And body we receive

Two separate elements
Incarnate be God’s Son
Desire of our soul
That they be of one

Why not of the mixing
Of dipping into
Of Spirit and human
Divine soaking through

A cup transforming
Such beauty we’d see
Through His wisdom of Grace
This vessel, let us be

Where Body Can’t Go

In deep of our praying
We come to go
Place of our dwelling
By our letting go

In silence of stilling
We come to hear
A voice of unspoken
That ear cannot hear

In eyes of the closing
A learning to see
A vision of light
That eye cannot see

In soul of perceiving
We come to know
A Word of wisdom
That mind cannot know

In way of believing
We come to go
A being eternal
Where body can’t go

Mind, Heart, Soul and Body

You take a mind confused
Of world view to see
Through wisdom of Your view
Gift faith of mystery

You take a heart that’s broken
Sorrow too much to bear
Mend it in Your love
Bind it in Your care

You take a soul that’s lost
With no direction found
Hope instilled with joy
Your Spirit to surround

You take a body stressed
Consumed with worried fear
Gift Your peace eternal
Found You’re always near

Mind, heart, soul and body
Bathed within Your light
Making all things new
Alignment that is right