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Forever We’re Bound

My soul rejoices
To our great God above
For grace overwhelming
For this gift of His love

No words to describe
This feeling of finding
Of my soul to yours
The greatest of binding

A gift beyond treasure
Of beauty, amaze
For I am transfixed
Upon you to gaze

A taste here to be
Of eternal love found
A blessing so deep
Forever we’re bound

Beyond of the mortal
Of greatest affection
Through sense of the soul
A divine connection

Everything is Bound

In this morning rising
Light, not yet appears
Use all the senses
In dwelling right here

Heartbeat of the peepers
Dew is everywhere
Moisture purifying
Drawing fresh cool air

Unseen is the Presence
Of being prayer, begin
Intimate the binding
Welcoming within

One we are created
This simple truth is found
His love so infinite
Which everything is bound