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The Tree and a Breeze

When blows the gentle breeze
The seedling seems to say
Hey leave me in peace
Won’t you go away

To nudge in all directions
To tree, the breeze does show
Stretching far and wide
Its roots which way to grow

When the fierce winds come
The tree begins to see
That the gentle breeze
Was just preparing me

Now the great oak sways
With blessing the breeze sends
As they dance together
In joy, these lifelong friends

Into the Morning

I went into the morning
And listened to the rain
Watched the clouds a drifting
A knowing ascertain

A gentle breeze was blowing
The air was fresh and clean
Birds were serenading
Wisdom in the scene

Something of the greater
Found in letting go
A lifting of the higher
Yet drawing in to know

I found myself just being
A listening of prayer
For stilling in a moment
Finds You everywhere