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Broken Glass

Though we try to appear
As a vessel of one
We are broken glass
By the sin that was done

All imperfect pieces
Edges that are rough
Of no use or value
Just not good enough

Heavens a mosaic
Bound with love and grace
Vision of an artist
Each piece has its place

It’s so beautiful
Through the light divine
How so brilliantly
The broken glass shines


He took, blessed, and broke
Then He gave the bread
A miracle to all
Five thousand souls were fed

And for His last supper
Again, He took and blessed
He broke and He gave
His love to friends, professed

The chosen One was blessed
On His cross was broken
God incarnate, given
He is the Word spoken

Walking to Emmaus
With bread of which to share
Took, blessed, broke and gave
Our Lord to them appeared

And so, as His beloved
Through Him, spiritually
Chosen, blessed and broken
And given, let us be

Based upon words by Henri Nouwen