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How Busy

I read a quote
It took me aback
I read it again
Stopped me in my tracks

“How busy we become
When we lose sight
Of how much God loves us”
What a gift of insight

Treasure of our doing
Importance found in me
Filling of the void
Of busyness, you see

Let us turn the focus
To being of a prayer
To know that all is grace
And see God everywhere

My, how busy we become when we lose sight of how God loves us.
~Julian of Norwich

A Few Moments

I know that you’re swamped
So busy you be
Just for a few moments
Come rest here in Me

You’re My heart’s desire
Come let me love you
Just for a few moments
Let Spirit flow through

Gift of my peace
To settle your soul
Just for a few moments
To give up control

A practice connecting
My gifts to receive
Just for a few moments
I’m in you, believe

In last days of finding
These moments turn to
Reflection of treasure
Or eternal view