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Moment of a Butterfly

Moment of a butterfly
A flower blessed with wings
An offering of gifting
Of joy to heart it brings

Drifting on a breeze
Dancing in the light
Oh, to be so free
Spirit of delight

Let us join within
Of soul to be carefree
Rejoicing in this moment
Of breath God blesses me

A dancing here and now
Of celebration be
Light of soaking, shining
Of God’s love here in me

Accepting the baton
From messenger of prayer
Grace of the receiving
Love and joy to share

Way of the Butterfly

Within the light of morning
Something is calling me
To dwell within its silence
To sit and just to be

Grateful for the moment
Blessing way of ease
Drawing souls’ attention
To gift upon the breeze

To drift the way of butterfly
In garden of retreat
Follow way of spirits breath
Feast on nectar sweet

Connection to the world
In pausing, just to rest
Basking wings within the light
Grateful for day blessed

A Butterflies Gifting

Treasure of moment
Blessed with in sight
Pausing to ponder
As flower takes flight

Beauty to cherish
Adrift in the breeze
Wings of a flutter
Sets the soul at ease

Sharing of purpose
Heart of uplifting
Brings joy to the heart
A butterflies gifting

A gift of the moment
Joy’s peace to claim
As God flows through me
Can I do the same?