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Deeper of the Calling

How do you do it
Oh water of blue
In calming my soul
You always flow through

Why the attraction
To silence I’m drawn
A dwelling of peace
Of inner to spawn

What is the stirring
Of lights fascination
One of uplifting
A joy filled sensation

Deeper of calling
Desire of more
In prayer of the sharing
Love You outpour



Light of morning is calling to you
Grace of bestowing is dawning anew
Spirit is falling of promise recalling
To soul of installing Your way to pursue

Ocean of worries are flowing to you
Waves of the rising here lift fears anew
Ebbing and falling as panic is calling
On knees of befalling, you calm now the view

Dark is the valley descending to you
Sin overwhelming no hope in the view
God our Creator has blessed our Savior
His mercy is greater, we are born anew

Gentle wind blowing, a turning to you
Guiding, instilling our pathway anew
Love of the filling, let our soul be willing
His purpose fulfilling to share His Word true

Invoking the Calling

Painting a morning
Of orange and blue
Sweet rays of beauty
Shine in its hue

Something of greater
Is on display
Serenity stilling
Calls us to pray

Peaceful encounter
Gives soul its rest
Whispers of Spirit
Of gifts to ingest

Come now Your bursting
In bright light divine
Invoking the calling
In this heart of mine