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Candles’ Light

When it’s overwhelming
In the valley of night
A thought for the dwelling
A truth of insight

All the worlds’ darkness
Of power and might
Can’t extinguish the flame
Of one candles’ light

So, let your light shine
For all to see
That of your good works
With His love joyfully

With a heart of faith
And soul quick to say
To glorify God
And His heavenly way

A Candles Way

A shining light
A simple flame
A silent song
Of joy proclaim

Upon an altar
Humbly bare
Proclaiming news
That You are here

Of love to shine
Of Presence known
Of heavens way
Let it be shown

For cold hard wax
The Lord ignites
A melting flame
Of purpose bright

To raise up high
For all to see
This candles way
Let it be me

Solitary Candle

A solitary candle
With glowing, simple flame
Joy within its mission
Of Presence to proclaim

Wisdom of the ages
Of guiding light to see
Peace within its gifting
The Lord is here with me

One of the perspective
Through trials which to cope
The Lord is our protection
Our joy and our hope

Permeate my being
This message flowing through
Knowing of Your Presence
To be a candle too