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A Great Celebration

It starts in silence
When the air is still
Of vast emptiness
With our need to fill

Alone in the darkness
A taste of our death
And ever so gently
Comes a holy breath

A gift of the light
A movement of earth
Grace of receiving
A day given birth

Awaken the pasture
Trees’ branches raise
Colors bestowing
Flowers offer their praise

The deer comes to grazing
The birds offer their song
Invitation of being
To come join along

Arising with joy
Through blessing divine
Each drop of dew comes
To sparkle and shine

For it is a morning
Of great celebration
Gifts of the sharing
For all of creation

Greatest Celebration

In memories of life
One of invitation
Thinking of what was
Your greatest celebration?

Place of gathering
Beauties decoration
Joy with precious souls
Engaging conversation

Purpose of the joining
United acclamation
Blessings overflow
Time of transformation

Let us bring this way
With hearts exhortation
To worship this Sunday
With souls’ exultation