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Souls of the Center

All throughout the scriptures
Jesus to us mentored
The excluded and poor
He places at the center

Encountering these souls
A treasure to pursue
Children of the kingdom
Ones, closer than you

For they’ve something
To teach you this day
And to bless you
In a new way

A spiritual wealth
Of a new dimension
Let us be vulnerable
Without condescension

If we are serious
To be His people, true
May they be at the center
Of all our lives too

Center, Center

Too busy now, to help the cause
Let Spirit rise, with Word to pause

Turn direction of my view
Center, center, soul in You

When I’m upset, in path today
May ego still, let my heart say

Refocus now of my view
Center, center, soul in You

When overwhelmed, with stress this day
Let the soul arise and turn to pray

An inner turn of my view
Center, center, soul in You

No formula within my prayer
Just be loved in Presence here

Fill with light within my view
Center, center, soul in You

Binding at the Center

The traffic’s loud today
Sky is overcast
Rain is coming down
Bleak is the forecast

The mind too is racing
Feeling overwhelmed
Way too much to do
Let Spirit here descend

Let me find Your silence
Drifting into prayer
In solitudes embrace
Of Presence be aware

Binding at the center
Sacred light appear
Soul and Spirit binding
Let us view from here