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Don’t Want to Do it

I hear you calling
So clear when I pray
A challenge before me
Let me not turn away

I don’t want to do it
But its Your way I see
I hear Your voice asking
Would you do this for me?

My ego objecting
Let the Spirit shine through
Can’t do this myself
Oh Lord, I need You

Would you give me the grace?
Your love to instill
Would You give me the strength?
To do Your will

Indebted To You

A challenge before me
Ahead the unknown
Fear is surrounding
Worst case is shown

Decision before me
On whom to depend
Reliance on me
Or need to extend

Turning above
To the source of grace
Appealing to friends
A prayer to embrace

For we are one body
In joy and in strife
Sharing together
Our journey of life

Today we rejoice
For our prayer answered true
In His joy of blessings
I’m indebted to you