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My Child, Trust Me

Offered intentions
In prayer, earnestly
I hear the Word clearly
My child, trust me

Truth from the Spirit
Of simplicity
Repeating within
My child, trust me

Dwell in these words
Soak in your body
Peace in the knowing
My child, trust me

Carry this gift
In our walk, daily
When fear comes to rising
My child, trust me

Answers of a Child

My child who is God?
An easy answer of
God is our Creator
And He is only love

My child where is God?
God is where there’s love
He dwells everywhere
And in heaven above

And who does God love?
He loves you and me
He loves all creation
He loves everybody

What is our life’s purpose?
It’s His love to share
To use all our giftings
To spread everywhere

What do I have to do?
Turn to our Lord and pray
Be a friend of Jesus
And follow in His way

Why do bad things happen?
It’s a broken world you see
Someday we’ll know the answer
For now, trust His mercy

What happens when we die?
Our Lord we’ll truly see
We’ll live with God in love
For all eternity

Simple Lessons

In this crazy world
Let us return this day
When we were a child
Things we learned to say

When we cross the street
Or decision to appraise
Walking hand in hand
and to look both ways

These simple courtesies
Always keep in mind
Saying please and thank you
To be humble and kind

Think of the other first
Let Jesus’ voice speak through
Loving one another
Just as I’ve loved you

Bless Your Child

Bless Your beloved child
One that You love true
Let us pray as one
He’s precious to me too

In day ahead before him
With challenges to face
Surround in Your Presence
Safe in warm embrace

A soul of innocence
One faithful to You
A lamb amongst the wolves
Be His shepherd true

In home of returning
A story let him share
Let us praise, rejoicing
Of this answered prayer

Bless You My Child

Bless you my child
A voice soft and clear
Wrapped in its fragrance
Of love so aware

How sweet is its sound
May it ring true
Letting it flow
All throughout you

One that’s beloved
Of way seek to find
Blessings bestowed
Leads the life divine

In days path ahead
May heart be aware
Opportunities way
Of blessings to share

Sweet Child of Mine

Oh sweet child of mine
Gift of the divine
Trust you to our Lord’s embrace
And His true love you’ll find

Pray for hunger of the soul
Desire of your heart
Follow in the way prepared
Joy in gifts impart

In the cloud of darkest night
Do not soul despair
Roots of faith to grow of deep
To know He’s always there

Eye be of compassion true
Heart outpouring love
Mercy blessed be quick to share
View be from above

Know within the deep of soul
That I love you dear
Bound forever in our Lord
And in this prayer we share