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Oh Lord, let me claim
The gift You bless to me
One of a free will
In choosing what to be

I choose to be faithful
Of trust and not fear
I choose to be loving
Of everyone here

To be of the moment
Let Your joy surround
Compassionate, humble
Forgiveness abound

I choose to be holy
Often to pray
All that I receive
I choose to give away

I will fail these choices
I know this to be true
Let me be dependent
On the grace of You

From All

From all of the colors
That you could have chose
You blessed to us
A morning of rose

From all of the people
To place in our way
You blessed to us
The ones of this day

From all of the ways
Of eternity won
You blessed to us
The love of Your Son

From all of the hours
You have to endow
You’ve chosen for is
These moments of now

From all the decisions
You chose to forsake
You left to us
Our choice to make