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Dawn has gold in its mouth

Inspired by Paths of the Spirit


Dawn’s Mouth

A vision is gifted
Such beauty to behold
For within dawn’s mouth
It is holding gold

With the ear of Spirit
Through a silent Word
Spoken from dawn’s mouth
Wisdom can be heard

To all within the light
A gentle love to share
A kiss sent from dawn’s mouth
Savoring peace here

To gather all creation
Our beloveness, declare
An offer of dawn’s mouth
To come share in a prayer

Two Great Equalizers

Facts of being human
Truths we all do share
Things we have in common
Let’s ponder some right here

Each of us are born
All of us will die
Two great equalizers
To all of us apply

Every soul is loved
And offered grace the same
A choice to be reborn
Eternity to claim

Come share the good news
Our Lord waits patiently
Open the door wide
Embrace Him, joyfully

Inspired by My Pastoral Ponderings

Flowers Evoke

Inspired by a post from Sandra

Flowers Evoke

Flowers evoke all our senses
Sight, smell, and touch are a few
Find here a sense of wonder
Of will to surrender unto

See of the colors, uniqueness
A facet of the greater view
Find here a sense of reflection
In love of the light pouring through

Inhale the sweet scent of beauty
To fill the space where we’re empty
Find here a sense of the drawing
The fragrance of humility

Feel what the soft petals offer
Dependence on life opens wide
Find here a sense of receiving
So grateful for all God provides

Receive a blessing of wisdom
A lesson of simplicity
Find here a sense of our purpose
To be who God made us to be

Gaze on a seed of beholding
To nurture its’ fruit tenderly
Find here a sense our hope
A glimpse of our faiths’ legacy

Know of the gift of His Presence
With lens of perspective anew
Find here the sense of reminder
The beauty that God sees in you

What Might This Be — Into the Light Adventures

What Might This Be, I have always been one to stop and look at everything since I was a child. Photography has made it even more fun to look at all the little things that we tend to walk right by without a second glance. 139 more words

What Might This Be — Into the Light Adventures

A Reflection of Her Thoughts

What Might This Be

Blessed be the soul
One who stops to see
Pondering the question
What might this be?

Blessed be this day
To pause and slow down
Of life to be enjoyed
In all that surrounds

Blessed be the light
Of soul to reflect
Let it’s facets soak
Deep within, affect

Blessed be our God
With simple answer, of
Oh, what might this be?
It is His Word of love

Song of Love

Sing to me a song of love
A grace to soul impart
A flowing gift of peace
Stirring in the heart

One found in the stillness
Of the dawning light
A gentle voice of silence
Connection of delight

Let soul sing along with You
With Word that You inspire
Binding sweet of lyric deep
One of souls’ desire

Carry now this tune to be
Move other souls to say
Share me this song of love
For us to sing this day

Of Spirit

Sing a song of praise
Sing it loud and clear
Let it join with Spirit
Let it fill the air

Shine a light of joy
Shine it everywhere
Let it flow with Spirit
Let darkness disappear

Pray a prayer of thanks
Pray with heart sincere
Let in speak in Spirit
Let my way it steer

Serving of the lonely
Serving love to share
Let it be of Spirit
Let You be in me here

Do the Same

It’s a fact
We know it’s true
God loves me
And God loves you

He does pursue
Our souls dear
With love so true

For He loves all
No judgment seen
Sinner or saint
Nice or mean

My prayer today
Of heart proclaim
Oh Lord, help me
Please do the same

What We Share

Let us recognize
To this day we bring
Through our thoughts and actions
That we share something

If we are frazzled
Our stress that we share
And at the root
A message of fear

Perhaps of frustration
Or anger we show
Our voice to the world
One of my ego

With a new direction
Let’s start with a prayer
Changing our heart
Of God’s love, be aware

Of blessings received
Gratefulness know
Gifts of the Spirit
This day to bestow

Here’s is My One

Here is the one
I cherish, adore
I offer my treasures
Of gifts to outpour

So undeserving
Cast that thought away
Come close my child
Be with Me and pray

It’s my great desire
For you to know
My love completely
Come let me show

Fall here within
My loving embrace
Know the Word spoken
A being of grace

Let Me Reset

I view the sweet sunrise
A pause, won’t allow
As voices are saying
No time for that now

I pass by the table
Where my bible lay
Stress overwhelms
No time to pray

Decision before me
Fear of the result
Lack of direction
No Spirit, consult

A friend with a need
A trouble to share
Let’s catch up later
Shows that I don’t care

You blessed me peace
A Word for the heart
Spirit of guiding
A binding impart

I gave it all up
For ashes empty
Let me reset
With You, let me be