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What To Bring

Going to God’s house
A visit to make
A gift to bring Him
What should I take?

A basket of problems
A long list of needs?
Prayer of petitions
A will to concede?

A song to praise Him
Fears, worries or rage
A Word of scripture
Perhaps a blank page

Things which I’m grateful
A bucket of sin
Ear open for hearing
Where do I begin?

Perhaps a soul of stilling
On a kneel to fall
He just wants our being
As he wants it all


Prayer of Returning

Be of the morning
Of weekends sunrise
One of unloading
Of worldly disguise

Take off the suit
No profits to seek
Unmasking the proud
Not of the work week

Time of the humble
Nothing of earning
Will to surrender
Prayer of returning

Soul of repenting
On Grace to depend
Priority setting
Your spirit please send

Light of reflection
The soul to restore
Soaking of silence
Our God to adore

Song of the Light

Within the dawn
Of morning air
Sweet melody
Comes flowing clear

The lyric of
No word can sing
Which flows to soul
A warming bring

Note which is
Of hearts delight
One that sings
Of morning light

A praise of joy
Of Spirits song
Let me rejoice
And sing along

What of These Souls

What of these souls
In body they dwell
Each is a victim
Of emotions swell

World of the human
Amazing the flow
Each upon journey
That they don’t know

Clothes of the choosing
Decision to bring
So much of importance
Doesn’t mean a thing

Only belonging
Flows from above
One thing of value
The choosing of love

Through eyes of our Jesus
The unseen revealed
Each soul of shining
That this world conceals

A Sprinkle of Blessings

Calm now the water
Fill sky with blue
Gentle the breeze
A calling to you

Warm rays of casting
Calming waves flow
Joy in their cresting
Acceptance to know

One of my passion
These gifts of preparing
All just for you
Joy of the sharing

A sprinkle of blessings
Love to instill
Let my love be you
For it is my will

Souls Been Drifting

Seems my souls been drifting
From You far away
Returning to Your Presence
Alignment of the way

Message of the welcome
Home of warm embrace
Light of love is shining
Full of precious grace

Joy within Your drawing
Easy letting go
Like we’ve always been
Acceptance here to know

Pour in the foundation
One of Presence be
Sent upon a mission
With Your vision, see


She tugs at her hemline
Worries bout her hair
Wants to be desired
Appearance really fear

He views from a distance
With judgment gone askew
He thinks he would love her
For a night or two

God calls her beloved
Sees her beauty true
Cherished as His child
Eternity His view

Who will she let love her?
Who will her heart seek?
In whom find her value
Truth to her soul speak