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Souls of the Way

I bless them to you
To attend to and love
Ones that I treasure
My precious beloved

Heart tend to softly
Hold their souls close
Bathe with compassion
Care for them most

Rejoice in their joy
Bind with their strife
Be with them fully
Share in their life

Soul be aware
Before you today
Those close to you
Souls of the way


Past, Present, Future

Past comes into focus
When viewed in light of You
Sense made of confusion
Learn from message true

Present of Your Presence
Know that love is here
Awareness of acceptance
You are everywhere

Future of the unknown
Let fear not here reside
Past wisdom and love here
Let faith now be our guide

Eternity of treasure
Perspective of the way
Our true home awaiting
Let You be our mainstay

Another Prayer

Prayer’s a conversation
A sharing of two hearts
One of broken human
The other, grace imparts

Thought of prayer another
One of no human word
Soul of just receiving
Spirit now be heard

Stilling of the soul
Resting in His love
Surrender be complete
Drift into above

Letting love just love you
Trust within His hold
Giving of the soul
One to let Him mold

Places and Faces

I’ve been many places
And seen many faces
Collected my stories
That speak of Your graces

Encounters I’ve shared
With souls that have cared
Walking the path
That You have prepared

My God I adore
The gifts You out-pour
Through love unconstrained
You bless even more

A pause to praise
My God, you amaze
Let my heart be grateful
All of my days

Blessing Divine

I don’t understand
And I don’t need to
Placing of my soul
In the hand of You

You cherish and adore
Instilling of Your light
Molding and restoring
Blessed with Your insight

Resting in unknowing
In Spirit of way
Translucent of will
Through me now pray

Refreshed for the journey
Forward view aligned
Knowledge be of trust
Of Your blessing divine