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Space of Spirit

Space of Spirit
As is the air
Is always here

Born on the day
For all the lost
Of passions breath
Last one from the cross

Breath of desire
Of offering
Awaiting acceptance
Binding to bring

Intentional clearing
Of inner space
Through breath of the soul
One Spirit embrace


Nothing More

Let me share with you
A prayer that’s going ’round
If we truly live it
We’ll see that it’s profound

“Thy will, O Lord, be done.
Nothing more. Nothing less.
And Nothing else. Amen.”
Let my soul profess

Though difficult to live
Repeating these words be
A prayer to mold the heart
A change in my will, see

Using gifting’s blessed
In light of kingdoms view
In good times and in bad
Trust to place in You

A Prayer of Consent

All powerful God
Creator of soul
Master of all
Yet you bless us control

Of our decisions
To choose our way
Let us regift it
With You to pray

Intent of the humble
Here in this moment
We offer you now
A prayer of consent

Let us open the door
Soul now to still
In your trusting hands
Flow into your will

Found This to Be

They say, He will love you
Though not deserving
I’ve found this to be

They say, follow His way
To live scripturally
When lost He’ll guide
I’ve found this to be

They say, you can trust Him
To watch over me
In life’s reflection
I’ve found this to be

They say always pray
Joy in His Presence
I’ve found this to be

So join me my brother
As “they” become we
Joy in the sharing
I’ve found this to be

You Added Sound

A wonderful blessing
The sweet gift of morning
You graced even more
With bird song adorning

Losing oneself
In the vast open sea
With calming waves sound
The soul at rest be

With flash of a smile
Two souls to lift
Followed with laughter
A heartwarming gift

In covering of darkness
The stars glisten bright
Peacefulness sounds
In silence of night

In our communing
In sweet time of prayer
Love is the message
Word spoken so clear

You Taught Me to Pray

Engrained in my soul
Of early memory
How you taught me to pray
Your faith you shared with me

We’d pray every night
Your love of God to show
And like a young bird’s flight
In time you let me go

Through the season flow
From path I sometimes stray
Through knowledge of your prayers
Returning to the way

At your funeral
We join in the Lord’s prayer
Finding strength within
The love in which we share

Some Remain

A mass exodus
As worship now is through
Souls that have been blessed
Are sent to world with You

Some remain and linger
Resting now in prayer
Unable to let go
Of Your binding here

Savoring the message
Word is soaking through
A dwelling of the soul
Deepens now the view

Blessed be the faithful
Let soul be transformed
Instilled peaceful glowing
As silent halo forms