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The Sunset Go

Sitting and watching
The sunset go
Perfect the ending
Of each day You show

As light is fading
All answer the call
To rest in the quiet
As peace covers all

Moonlight on watch now
A calming song sings
Trusting in comfort
Your providence brings

If we will partake
In gift here to see
Hear Spirit now whisper
Come share it with me


Senses Gift

A mornings’ time
That’s spent with thee
How wonderful
For us to be

To take stock
Of blessings sent
Each moment lived
That You present

With eye of heart
Of sight to see
With ear to hear
Your sweet beauty

With sense to feel
A touch of skin
Of fragrance deep
Breath to draw in

A savors’ taste
Or sour sweet
A sixth sense
Of prayer complete

Let’s pause this day
To exercise
The senses gift
For the wise

Prayer of Exhaling

Muscles are tight
Stress here prevailing
Surrender unto
A prayer of exhaling

Acknowledging Presence
You are always here
You know of my challenge
We’ll release it to prayer

In breath of the deep
Let Spirit now flow
Infusion of trust
Now let all go

Breath of the cleansing
Exhaling, replay
Peace of the stilling
Let love find its’ way

Presence Real

On knee before You
With an offered prayer
Please bless this time
In Your presence here

In power of Presence
Please now be real
Of mysteries gift
To human reveal

Cast away doubt
Spirit flow through
True faith believing
The graces of You

Open the gateway
Let us adore
Unbounded surrender
Flow though my pores

Oh mystery great
Past this world transcend
Let mind just believe
And let soul comprehend

Right Here

Let thought rise above
May soul be aware
To be blessed in this moment
Right now and right here

Make the connection
Through soul offered prayer
Be blessed in this moment
Right now and right here

Good is our God
In soul always near
A blessing of moment
Right now and right here

Grace be bestowed
Of souls vision clear
Eternal blessed moment
Right now and right here

Purpose incited
Of binding to share
Be blessing of moment
Right now and right here

Draw Deep

Draw deep of silence
Of quiet to be
Surrender embarking
Gift to be free

Draw deep of desire
Needing to be
Seeking, embracing
Gift of unity

Draw deep of prayer
Of love to be
Binding entwining
Gift of intimacy

Draw deep of Spirit
Of moving to be
Heaven encountered
Gift of divinity

Eyes of the Light

It’s a beautiful gift
For one to see
How you cherish the gifts
That are offered to thee

Bird of the soaring
New day begun
Colors of autumn
Or the setting sun

Memory risen
Of blessed time shared
With your beloved
Of a living prayer

Soul of your journey
Placed in your way
How they affected
Your life to this day

Life of a story
Of Word to highlight
Uplifting the soul
Through eyes of the light