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The Work of Christmas

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The Journey of Christmas

When the star in the
Sky fades away
And we don’t hear
The angels this day

When the wise men
Return to their home
And the shepherds
To fields, back to roam

Here with our
God dwelling in
The journey of
Christmas begins

To find the lost
The broken heal
The good news spread
Of love, reveal

The nations build
Captive, release
To bring to all
The gift of peace

Committed no
Matter the cost
On our path that
Leads to the cross

The Beginning Began

In the dawning light
The Word in Bethlehem
The glorious day
The beginning began

As the guiding light
Moved from above
And shone on this earth
Through a babe of love

Of our God, unseen
The I Am to be
With offer of grace
For the blind here to see

Come all now gather
Of treasure to gaze
On the bread of life
Such wonder, amazed

Our gift of divine
If we only trust
From this moment on
That God is with us


Come to awaken
In the dawning light
Come Spirit to dwell
With deeper insight

Come to contemplate
And celebrate
The gift of wonder
Of His birth so great!

The gift of love
Come to our hope
Of binding divine
Beyond human scope

Source of our joy
Come wisdom revealing
He is God with us
Our comfort and healing

Through His sacrifice
His grace is the key
Come know the way
To eternity

With great rejoicing
To all the world
Oh come, oh come

Jesus Born Into

In a state of pure exhaustion
Through the desert they did roam
Jesus Christ was born into
Far away from comforts home

In a time of great confusion
Everyone is filled with stress
Peace is of the souls’ desire
Longing for a moments rest

In a place of great needing
Joseph, with a beggar’s plea
I’ll be grateful for whatever
The innkeeper gives to be

In a body, suffering
The unknown is filled with fear
Looking for security
In need of a great healing here

And when we find ourselves belonging
To a time just like this place
Say a prayer of incarnation
Let Him come with saving grace

Hidden Gifts of Christmas

Listen my dear child
Soul to be aware
Gifts of Christmas coming
Are hidden everywhere

Come to look above
The same stars shining bright
That led Mary and Joseph
Through the deserts night

Wrapping every present
The Spirit here to know
The same true heart giving
Three wise men did show

The treasures of the season
Found within a prayer
Of peace and hope and love
Rejoicing and to share

The Story of Christmas

The story of Christmas
We hear every year
Let’s ponder a moment
And put ourselves there

She was 9 months pregnant
A long journey ahead
Did Mary ever say
Can we stay home instead?

The Lord will provide
In a stable they lay
I wonder if Joseph
Saw it that way

Now get up and go
God said in a dream
So tired, exhausted
Did anyone, scream?

Now when I complain
Let me pause and to say
I may not like it
But I’ll trust in Your way

Story of Glory

Here’s the story, of the glory
How God with us came to this earth
As prophets told, faith to behold
The love within our Saviors birth

The Word was shared, angel appeared
A question posed, to virgin blessed
Will you believe you will conceive?
And with great faith, she answered, yes

She was betrothed, would it unfold?
Joseph thought and formed a plan
But in a dream as it would seem
God vision was beyond a man

And through their will God’s way fulfilled
To Bethlehem went on their way
Looked for an inn, no room within
And in a stable, manger lay

So bright and clear a star appeared
To shepherds’ eye announced the birth
The light arose within each soul
Our Saviors born unto this earth

May we believe this gift received
A miracle blessed all for free
Announce it here, good news to share
His light to shine so joyfully!

So, We Would Believe

How does Word become flesh?
Or a virgin conceive
Where these miracles blessed
So, we would believe

That God was incarnate
To man reconciled
Not through a dictator
But a vunerable child

A foundation was laid
Of His kingdom to build
Through Word of the prophets
The scriptures fulfilled

A story begun
With a humble, yes
Let our soul join within
And share in His Way, blessed

Season of Need

What do you want for Christmas?
A truth to concede
What is the precious gift
That we truly need?

In this advent season
A thought to begin
Do we need someone
To save us from our sin?

In our deepest sorrows
So difficult to cope
Do we need a Savior
To be our source of hope?

And of our fear of death
Our challenges and strife
Do we need the peace
Of eternal life?

Let our hearts be longing
Desire when we pray
Anticipating joy
Of Christ on Christmas day