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The Story of Christmas

The story of Christmas
We hear every year
Let’s ponder a moment
And put ourselves there

She was 9 months pregnant
A long journey ahead
Did Mary ever say
Can we stay home instead?

The Lord will provide
In a stable they lay
I wonder if Joseph
Saw it that way

Now get up and go
God said in a dream
So tired, exhausted
Did anyone, scream?

Now when I complain
Let me pause and to say
I may not like it
But I’ll trust in Your way

Story of Glory

Here’s the story, of the glory
How God with us came to this earth
As prophets told, faith to behold
The love within our Saviors birth

The Word was shared, angel appeared
A question posed, to virgin blessed
Will you believe you will conceive?
And with great faith, she answered, yes

She was betrothed, would it unfold?
Joseph thought and formed a plan
But in a dream as it would seem
God vision was beyond a man

And through their will God’s way fulfilled
To Bethlehem went on their way
Looked for an inn, no room within
And in a stable, manger lay

So bright and clear a star appeared
To shepherds’ eye announced the birth
The light arose within each soul
Our Saviors born unto this earth

May we believe this gift received
A miracle blessed all for free
Announce it here, good news to share
His light to shine so joyfully!

So, We Would Believe

How does Word become flesh?
Or a virgin conceive
Where these miracles blessed
So, we would believe

That God was incarnate
To man reconciled
Not through a dictator
But a vunerable child

A foundation was laid
Of His kingdom to build
Through Word of the prophets
The scriptures fulfilled

A story begun
With a humble, yes
Let our soul join within
And share in His Way, blessed

Season of Need

What do you want for Christmas?
A truth to concede
What is the precious gift
That we truly need?

In this advent season
A thought to begin
Do we need someone
To save us from our sin?

In our deepest sorrows
So difficult to cope
Do we need a Savior
To be our source of hope?

And of our fear of death
Our challenges and strife
Do we need the peace
Of eternal life?

Let our hearts be longing
Desire when we pray
Anticipating joy
Of Christ on Christmas day

Savior to See

The whole town was buzzing
As soon as I awoke
“Our Savior born this day”
Were crazy words they spoke

I’ve got plans today
I guess that I’ll go see
Stop for a few minutes
Is something there for me

The child lay before me
Transfixed within my gaze
Something of His presence
Stirred my soul, amazed

A question now before me
Will I dwell and pray
A movement of transforming
Or go on my way


They saw a star
They saw a birth
God with us
Upon this earth

They saw Him heal
They heard him speak
The Word of love
Which all souls seek

They saw Him willing
Conquering death
They saw Him rise

They saw a flame
A breath received
The Spirit flowed
And they believed

They walk the way
The broken claim
A soul of joy
Good news, proclaim

They share his gifts
Love, grace, mercy
And let this day
The “they”, be me

Are We Not

Are we not shepherds?
Who are filled with fear
Who wander the fields
Our senses aware

Are we not a witness?
To our Jesus’ birth
The source of our hope
Beyond here on earth

Are we not wise men?
When we lay down our gift
Acknowledge our king
With our praise to lift

Are we not in the story
Our of Christ to behold
In His love that’s woven
Of our life to be told

And Now is Here

Patience’s gift
Our soul prepared
Grace bestowed
Through silent prayer

And now is here
Our day of hope
Of wisdom’s view
Beyond our scope

Oh, little One
Before us lay
The humble door
Of holy way

A perfect love
Of one true choice
With angel’s song
Let us rejoice!

We Find What Is

A story told
Of scripture heard
A Savior’s birth
Of the true word

Of prophets tongue
Wisdom foretold
Of God with us
Fulfilled, behold

And still within
This day’s night
A calling of
This holy light

Accepting love
Our soul adore
We find what is
We’re searching for