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A beautiful light
Lit this beautiful space
This beautiful Church
Filled with beautiful grace

A beautiful song
Was beautifully sung
These beautiful souls
Become beautifully One

A beautiful scripture
From the beautiful Word
Beautiful wisdom
Soul beautifully stirred

A beautiful sermon
Beautifully taught
A beautiful challenge
To be beautifully sought

A beautiful gift
Beautifully prepared
Beauty itself
To be beautifully shared

No Gathering

The door was locked
No one was there
The sorrow of
No bread to share

No gathering
No binding in
A place holy

For granted took
This gift for free
Which now I miss
So desperately

I find myself
In desert be
Thirsting now
A soul empty

Not in control
No way to see
Exactly where
The Lord finds me

Senses Filled with Beauty

Incense is lit
Of fragrance surround
Smoke of the rising
The Spirit abounds

A sprinkling of water
Touching the skin
A blessing beyond
Forgiveness of sin

To nurture the soul
Body and mind
Song of the stirring
And Word of divine

A building so grand
A sparkling of gold
Is filled with Your grace
Of Presence, behold

A taste for the palette
Of wine and of bread
Of body and blood
Let our longing be fed

A celebration
Of our soul to see
To fill all our senses
With such beauty

And Still There Is

A Church on the corner
Of a busy street
And still there is silence
In Jesus we meet

Time before sunrise
Dark is temptation
And still there is light
Of sweet adoration

Such a busy world
Filled with stress, fear
And still there is peace
Of an eternal prayer

A world full of evil
We find here a grace
And still there is hope
As love fills this place

A Simple Building

A simple building
Constructed of wood
Hand crafted devotion
For years, it has stood

On ground of the holy
In soul it is known
Ingrained in this space
A sacredness shown

Rafters infused
With incense of air
Pews have been soaked
With humble prayer

Inner light shines
With sweet adoration
Easy the way
To contemplation

Soul Was Of

Went to church today
A special way of being
Though in a foreign tongue
Soul was of the freeing

Light was shining through
The Spirit was a showing
Beyond the human ear
Soul was of a knowing

Stirring of within
Beauty so amazing
Joy of bursting light
Soul was of araising

Love came pouring through
Binding Lord was bringing
Though couldn’t speak a word
Soul was of a singing

Notre Dame

This building great
A blessed space
To contemplate

As arches rise
Unto above
No limit of
Your precious love

Through filtered light
Of windows rose
Your beauty shines
On each soul choose

Through will of man
Each stone is laid
Through grace of God
His Church is made

House of Peace

Enter now my
House of peace
Here release

Breathe in deep
Our Holy air
Through heavens grace
Your soul prepare

Attended to
With angels touch
With precious love

Our resting place
To truly be
Peace of Christ

Church Lighting

Into our Church
The soul ignite
Loving the view
Of warming light

Drawing me in
The soul to lift
Arising joy
In blessed gift

The Spirit swirls
With Word inspire
Nourish deep
This soul’s desire

So easy see
Your Presence here
Now let us fall
Within our prayer