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Sculpt the Clouds

How would one start
Or even try
To sculpt the clouds
Upon the sky

One of water
To begin
Bless the light
Blow the wind

A movement here
Of three in one
And set it free
It’s will be done

And so are we
Of water born
Of Spirits breath
And soul adorned

Let us proclaim
His name on high
For as the clouds
We’re passing by

Stairs of Ascension

Sculpture of the morning
Clouds formation, nice
Spirit of attention
Reflection drawing twice

Colors royal purple
Highlights, joy of pink
Divinity of calling
Drew the soul to think

Movement in the silence
Whisper new dimension
Found in the formation
Stairs of the ascension

Journey unto heaven
Mission becomes clear
Love of the eternal
Can be lived right here

Clouds Through The Window

Viewing through the window
The clouds rolling along
In this moment be
Together we belong

One that draws above
A greater way to see
In its message strong
Connected all are we

One of heavens view
Wisdom that is graced
Available to all
Covering embraced

One of providence
In journey of the way
Let us flow together
With one voice let us pray

Morning of Clouds

Awakening this morning
Rising out of bed
Anticipating sunrise
God blessed clouds instead

Forms devoid of color
Of only palette gray
In covering of darkness
Hurry in their way

Sat and watched them moving
A hopeless body drifts
Perceived the light arising
Spirit here to gift

Masterpiece of sculpting
As touch of light shines through
Transforming into white
Birthed in way anew

Moment of the slowing
They seem to turn and pray
Awakening inner beauty
And blessed upon their way