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Colors Go

A masterpiece
Horizons show
A bouquet blessed
The flower grows

It’s from the light
Beauty, convey
In seasons time
It fades away

An answer that
I’d like to know
I wonder where
The colors go

For is God’s way
And natures course
All things return
Unto its source

The vision that
We’ll see one day
All colors blessed
In One display

Soft Colors Rise

This first winter morning
Of autumn goodbyes
A reflection of heart
As soft colors rise

A gentle transition
As this new day begins
That whispers forgiveness
As peace settles in

A seasons transition
Of opportunity
A blessing of setting
The soul’s priorities

A time of the dwelling
To empty the way
To savor the Word
In a season to pray


In my valley dark
Of trials and of strife
Did you send the color green
Of eternal life

High up in the sky
Or ocean waves to cease
Did you send the color blue
Have your eternal peace

All throughout my day
Colors did appear share
That filled the soul with joy
With beauty everywhere

To vision of the deeper
In light from above
Infinite the colors
Of Your precious love

Colors Pastel

A prayer of the morning
Of blessing to dwell
The light filters through
Of colors pastel

To settle the soul
In a soft warm embrace
Love in the Presence
A flowing of grace

An invitation
Of drawing within
Gentle the offer
In stillness, begin

To be of my Being
In One to belong
Desire to fill
Of which the soul longs

Of Colors Pink and Blue

I awoke to darkness
Of nothing but to see
But then upon horizon
It changed in front of me

Gently of appearing
Of the softest hue
One of the transforming
Of colors pink and blue

Though the earth be moving
Creation all was still
In awe of silent praising
We offer up our will

To the light of turning
In gift of day begun
And in this holy moment
All of us are one

The Colors Appear

In time before dawning
Just shades of gray here
Through blessing of light
The colors appear

A sacred vision
Of wisdom to see
From human senses
To grow spiritually

Beyond mortal beings
A free gift of the will
Is offered to all
Our soul to fulfil

So come into the light
And claim the great prize
Of treasures above
To see with new eyes

Our Colors

With the human eye
Of brokenness and sin
Lens of judgement cast
By color of our skin

Through passion of the cross
His precious blood was shed
To show on the inside
We’re the same, color red

Each of us unique
Beloved, all are we
Let’s celebrate the colors
Of our diversity

To go even deeper
Of our souls shining bright
For we all are one
The color of His light

Layers of Colors

Layers of colors
Deepness of view
As this day is born
Let me be rebirthed too

A psalm of silence
Is gifted unto
In sweet surrender
I offer my silence too

Easy of finding
Your Presence true
In drawing of love
I offer my presence too

Comfort embracing
A prayer whispered through
Love of the flowing
I offer of my prayer too

In layers of drifting
Lights facets of you
Graced by your blessings
Let me reflect too

Colors of the Sky

Pause to think about
Of feelings to impart
How colors of the sky
Flow into the heart

Wake up into morning
Find a sky of gray
Feeling disappointed
Downcast here this day

Looking to above
Into sky of blue
Happiness descends
Optimistic view

Sunrise or sunset
Colors set ablaze
Turn into the painter
Wonders to amaze

Let us add a filter
Through God into prayer
Listening with soul
His way spoken clear

Color of Autumn

Morning of breathing
Air fresh and clean
Color of Autumn
Bursts on the scene

Gift for the grateful
Way illuminate
acceptance of light
Soul contemplate

Leaves of the fallen
Truth to proclaim
Turning to dust
Or fate be the same

Marvel in moment
Cherish the gift
Dwell in Your beauty
To gentle prayer drift