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Come Find

Come here beloved
Put your mind at rest
One of my embrace
Find yourself blessed

Come be of a prayer
Worries to cease
One of my Presence
Find yourself peace

Come to surrender
With breath nice and slow
One of my Spirit
Find yourself letting go

Come here be loved
Of being, be free
One of eternal
Find yourself in me

Come Closer

Presence to presence
Our prayer to begin
Come closer my Lord
We welcome you in

Love in our greeting
Our door open wide
In our inmost being
Come here to reside

A indwelling embrace
Beyond what is seen
So close that there is
Nothing in between

And we discover
Our being we share
The joy of the knowing
You were already here

Come and Follow Me

An offer of the Word
Said to everybody
To ask of His disciples
Come and follow me

The greatest invitation
That there could ever be
To hear our Jesus say
Come and follow me

And even through dark valleys
The road is not easy
And even to the cross
Come and follow me

Decision of our lifetime
One of eternity
A prayer for acceptance
Come and follow me

And when it comes our time
Heaven before me
Our Lord with open arms
Come and follow me

Come And

Come my child
Believe in me
And dwell within the Trinity
With my love surrounding thee
Come believe in me

Come my Lord
And dwell in me
To fill my mind and my body
To share your love my purpose be
Come and dwell in me

Come my friend
And pray with me
To worship here in unity
And here we find our Christ will be
Come and pray with me

Come this day
A gift to me
With blessings of your great beauty
With grateful heart sing joyfully
Come and love with me

Come to God

God welcomes us
With a sunrise’s beauty
Come receive His love
Welcome Him into me

God’s seeking us
In gifts everywhere
Come find His love
With our soul, be aware

God’s calling us
With opportunities
Come share His love
With the lost and needy

God’s wanting us
In Him to be
Come be His love
For eternity

Come to Awaken

I’ve come to awaken
Of casting my eyes
Unto the east
To receive the sunrise

I’ve come to treasure
Each vision unique
To dwell in the beauty
Of Spirits mystique

I’ve come to listen
To what it is saying
If only a moment
Of wisdom conveying

I’ve come to cherish
Letting light seep
Of feeding my soul
With nourishment deep

I’ve come to relish
This drawing to pray
That sets the foundation
Of love here this day

I’ve come into being
Of a new sense
One of the knowing
Of Your Presence

Come See

Come see the sunrise
Come breathe the fresh air
Come feel the joy
Of being right here

Come to the stillness
Come feel my peace
Come into my comfort
All fear to release

Come rising light
Come now restart
Come now receive
My gifts to impart

Come know my Presence
Come be a prayer
Come let us dwell
In my love to share

Come of the needing
Come to be heard
Come to receiving
My blessed Word

Come Listen Now

Come listen now
To mornings song
The Word to which
We all belong

Come listen now
In every breath
The Word He speaks
Beyond our death

Come listen now
To Word so clear
Beyond the lies
The world does share

Come listen now
With silent heart
The Word to still
His truth, impart

Come listen now
Beyond the ear
To know the Word
I love you dear

We Come to Know

We see in the horizon
Soft the warming glow
To fill the dark with light
That we come to know

We hear in the distance
Honking in the sky
Soon a flock of geese
Will be passing by

We feel a drop of water
Fall upon our skin
And know that from the clouds
The rain will soon begin

We know within our prayer
A voice within the deep
That speaks the Word of love
In our soul let it seep

Come Into

Come look at the sunrise
And see what you see
To welcome the Spirit
To inspire thee

Come listen to morning
And hear what you hear
Settle your soul
In the Spirit here

Come to dwell deeper
To feel what you feel
The Spirit of stirring
Insights to reveal

Come into prayer
To be what you be
Though love of the Spirit
To flow here through me