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Come to Be

Found in every dawning
One to let us see
Past the dark of night
The light will come to be

When the outlooks gloomy
No answer can we see
A glimpse beyond the clouds
The light will come to be

With offering of prayer
Our hope in You to see
The dwelling of Your Presence
The light will come to be

A calling to us all
So hopeless now can see
Let us proclaim with joy
The light will come to be

When our day has come
The truth our soul we’ll see
The One beyond this world
The Light will come to be

Come to Know

Come to rest
Upon My chest
And know my child
That you are blessed

Come draw you near
Of heart to share
A joining in
A binding prayer

Come let me show
That you will know
Oh, just how I
Adore you so

Come share with me
All souls you see
My love to bind
In unity

Come Morning

Come peace of morning
To enter into soul
Presence of Creator
Here to make us whole

Come stillness of water
To calm the inner light
Reflection of the being
That casts away the night

Come colors of dawning
To birth the path anew
Wash away the old
Hope instilled by You

Come Spirit of breathing
To flow the way divine
Inspire the flame
Of Your light and mine