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Come to God

God welcomes us
With a sunrise’s beauty
Come receive His love
Welcome Him into me

God’s seeking us
In gifts everywhere
Come find His love
With our soul, be aware

God’s calling us
With opportunities
Come share His love
With the lost and needy

God’s wanting us
In Him to be
Come be His love
For eternity

Come to Awaken

I’ve come to awaken
Of casting my eyes
Unto the east
To receive the sunrise

I’ve come to treasure
Each vision unique
To dwell in the beauty
Of Spirits mystique

I’ve come to listen
To what it is saying
If only a moment
Of wisdom conveying

I’ve come to cherish
Letting light seep
Of feeding my soul
With nourishment deep

I’ve come to relish
This drawing to pray
That sets the foundation
Of love here this day

I’ve come into being
Of a new sense
One of the knowing
Of Your Presence

Come See

Come see the sunrise
Come breathe the fresh air
Come feel the joy
Of being right here

Come to the stillness
Come feel my peace
Come into my comfort
All fear to release

Come rising light
Come now restart
Come now receive
My gifts to impart

Come know my Presence
Come be a prayer
Come let us dwell
In my love to share

Come of the needing
Come to be heard
Come to receiving
My blessed Word

Come Listen Now

Come listen now
To mornings song
The Word to which
We all belong

Come listen now
In every breath
The Word He speaks
Beyond our death

Come listen now
To Word so clear
Beyond the lies
The world does share

Come listen now
With silent heart
The Word to still
His truth, impart

Come listen now
Beyond the ear
To know the Word
I love you dear

We Come to Know

We see in the horizon
Soft the warming glow
To fill the dark with light
That we come to know

We hear in the distance
Honking in the sky
Soon a flock of geese
Will be passing by

We feel a drop of water
Fall upon our skin
And know that from the clouds
The rain will soon begin

We know within our prayer
A voice within the deep
That speaks the Word of love
In our soul let it seep

Come Into

Come look at the sunrise
And see what you see
To welcome the Spirit
To inspire thee

Come listen to morning
And hear what you hear
Settle your soul
In the Spirit here

Come to dwell deeper
To feel what you feel
The Spirit of stirring
Insights to reveal

Come into prayer
To be what you be
Though love of the Spirit
To flow here through me

Come Open

Come open your eyes
Of wonder to see
The colors God shines
Of deepest beauty

Come open your ears
Of soft sounds to hear
The comforting psalms
God flows in the air

Come open your senses
To taste and to feel
To savor the gifts
That God does reveal

Come open your heart
To souls of your way
Of blessings ordained
God sends this day

Come open your soul
With a simple prayer
Of nourishment deep
That our God loves us here

Come to Be

Found in every dawning
One to let us see
Past the dark of night
The light will come to be

When the outlooks gloomy
No answer can we see
A glimpse beyond the clouds
The light will come to be

With offering of prayer
Our hope in You to see
The dwelling of Your Presence
The light will come to be

A calling to us all
So hopeless now can see
Let us proclaim with joy
The light will come to be

When our day has come
The truth our soul we’ll see
The One beyond this world
The Light will come to be

Come to Know

Come to rest
Upon My chest
And know my child
That you are blessed

Come draw you near
Of heart to share
A joining in
A binding prayer

Come let me show
That you will know
Oh, just how I
Adore you so

Come share with me
All souls you see
My love to bind
In unity

Come Morning

Come peace of morning
To enter into soul
Presence of Creator
Here to make us whole

Come stillness of water
To calm the inner light
Reflection of the being
That casts away the night

Come colors of dawning
To birth the path anew
Wash away the old
Hope instilled by You

Come Spirit of breathing
To flow the way divine
Inspire the flame
Of Your light and mine