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I don’t want pity
I don’t want to fear
I don’t want to be judged
No awkwardness here

I need to be real
I need a safe place
I need to be loved
And covered by grace

Our joys and sorrows
Let us each share
To practice compassion
And true rejoicing here

Each to be open
With vulnerability
An intimate sharing
A true community

And we will struggle
In our humanity
We appeal to the Spirit
To flow through you and me

To walk in the journey
Our crosses to share
To know for each other
That we are here

A True Community

We are called to gather
Believers of the One
Rejoicing in the Spirit
In common love of Son

Sharing of our story
How we are redeemed
Encouragement of blessings
In one purpose, we’ve teamed

Sharing of our joys
Bind in sorrows deep
Lifting of our prayers
Faith for us to keep

Bound within the Spirit
Hope for us to see
Through humble love and mercy
A true community

A Worshiping Community

I love to be
With those of Thee
A worshiping

In prayer unique
The chosen of

A binding here
For soul to see
One body blessed
Of unity

How I wish
The world would be
All as one
So purposely

But You will use
These humbly
To shine You love
So joyfully

Solitude and Community

(Based upon words by Henri Nouwen)

Through the discipline
Of solitude, seeing
We discover God’s space
In our most innermost being

Through the discipline
Of community
We discover Gods’ space
In our life, you and me

Both disciplines belong
Realization embrace
Within and among us
Are the same space

In that space divine
God’s Spirit prays
Let us seek it
All of our days