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We Are with You

My brother, my sister
Please know, be aware
Of this pain that you suffer
That we’re with you here

Heavy the burden
Of this cross that you bear
As we are one body
Your suffering we share

For no empty words
Of a simple cliché
Can magically
Take your pain away

Just know we are with you
And we deeply care
Throughout your journey
We lift you in prayer

As much as we’d like
We can’t take it away
In Spirit or person
We’re with you this day

In this dark valley
Let this truth be known
With our Lord by our side
You don’t walk it alone

Blessed to be with you
As you’ve been for me
For we are of One love
In Gods’ family

Soul Before Me Here

Lord bless me a gifting
An answer to this prayer
That I see the treasure
Of soul before me here

Let me see as You
The beauty that they be
Let all attention focus
Upon them, not of me

Let all hurry pass
Upon them let me dwell
Compassion of the heart
Their story let them tell

Joy be in the heart
Spirit ‘round us swirl
Oh please let them feel
Most important in this world

Souls be of the binding
Connection be Your love
Let this moment carry
Our way into above