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A Cherished Connection

Soft colors rising
Of pink and of blue
Spirit is dwelling
In mist of the view

Green is the pasture
Of bounty blessed here
Fruit of the harvest
Of giftings to share

Come man and divine
Of dialog, share
Spoken in silence
A binding in prayer

A moments investment
Of eternal worth
A cherished connection
Of heaven and earth

Connection of Eternal

Today, I saw a sunrise
Together we were here
And like all things in life
Soon will disappear

What is of these moments
Of wisdom to reveal
Collection of the blessings
Time spent that was real

Experience of Presence
A practice of to be
One of grace surrounding
Of love consuming me

Connection of eternal
One of heavens way
Moments with our God
Will never go away

Holy Connection

You bless us Your blood
You gift us Your bread
With gift of salvation
One body be fed

Come all Your needy
Gather the broken
The humble approach You
Amen the word spoken

How blessed the gifter
To witness affection
A moments’ transition
Of Holy connection

A sparkle of eye
Of Lord to receive
Divine of ascending
We both do believe

Connection Pursue

They gather at table
With coffee to drink
In sharing of life
To speak what they think

An observation
Another of view
In ponder or laughter
A connection pursue

Same with our God
With desire so deep
Prayer of the binding
Wisdom to reap

May we respond
To His treasure of grace
Constantly seeking
To fall in His embrace