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A time set aside
Of simple intent
In closing of eyes
A prayer of consent

My will to offer
Of Your Presence be
In this moment now
To give all of me

No expectations
Just being here
To love and be loved
A consent that we share

Drawing of deeper
Soul at the core
Offer extended
To consent even more


Consent of awareness
In this moment of prayer
Through soul of the seeing
You’re of everywhere

Consent of acceptance
Of the love You endow
Let soul welcome all
Right here and right now

Consent to Your seeking
To let soul be found
Of letting you in
and Presence surround

Consent to our being
My will to concede
One of the knowing
You’re all that I need

Consent to my weakness
You take what I give
In practice of growing
Of consent to be lived

Seeking and Consent

Engrained in our core
Of God’s image reflect
We’re souls of the seeking
Our choices affect

Of to be loved
Of our purpose be
Void to be filled
The value of me

Free will is blessed
Hear a word to the wise
The answer is Jesus
Not the worlds disguise

Our soul He’s seeking
Through the Spirit sent
Turn now in prayer
And give our consent

A Prayer of Consent

All powerful God
Creator of soul
Master of all
Yet you bless us control

Of our decisions
To choose our way
Let us regift it
With You to pray

Intent of the humble
Here in this moment
We offer you now
A prayer of consent

Let us open the door
Soul now to still
In your trusting hands
Flow into your will