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Flame of Consuming

In searching for answers
We look everywhere
A whisper of Spirit
To find it right here

Into great silence
Of unspoken Word
The great truth of One
Now let it be heard

For love is the answer
In you to reside
A flame of consuming
To be spread far and wide

Hear now oh soul
Be found in this prayer
Go now in peace
With this good news to share


Simple bread and wine
The great mystery
Your body and Your blood
Here You offer me

Intimate encounter
Divinity so true
Please let me be worthy
Of consuming You

Dwelling of the deeper
Surrender be complete
Heaven of the now
Jesus here we meet

For is as Your way
A turning here to see
For in the transforming
You are consuming me

Living Word Consuming

A gathering of souls
In celebration great
Feast offered to all
In silence, contemplate

Living word consuming
Mystery foretelling
Blessed in precious grace
In being of dwelling

State of deep within
Time of moment stilling
A movement of the soul
Food of the fulfilling

One of the beyond
Past our comprehension
Letting Spirit flow
Way of the ascension