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Rest in the Light

Come here my child
Share my delight
Learning to love
To rest in the light

Time of the soul
To know God is here
To dwell in His being
A simple, pure prayer

A practice of stilling
Of gratefulness be
Me loving Him
And He loving me

Foundation of faith
To grow our roots deep
A capture of light
In our soul to keep

We Be Free See

Be, be, being be
Dwelling of

See, see seeing be
Loving You
Loving me

Free, free freeing be
Rejoicing in
Your mercy

We, we binding be
A taste of

Into the Morning

Into the morning
When mist kisses dawn
Before the first light
And birds lift their song

In power of stillness
Of one to fall in
I find myself lost
By our drifting within

A blanket of peace
Of comfort we find
A veil passing through
Of dwelling divine

For what the mind
Cannot construe
Through Spirit be
Comes into view

Whole Earth Turning

Alone in the darkness
For light, heart is yearning
In dawning we pray
Feel the whole earth turning

Our crosses we carry
With worries concerning
Hope in our Savior
Feel the whole earth turning

End of the day
To stars of returning
Our resting in You
Feel the whole earth turning

You are in control
Your wisdom of learning
May all come to You
The whole earth of turning

A Different Scene

Something unfamiliar
Perspective of new view
Different scene presented
Stirs the soul anew

Finding of a poem
Here in this new place
A welcoming acceptance
Plants a seed of grace

Key within the finding
Acknowledge Presence here
Lessons of life long
That You are everywhere

If we’re truly willing
To let the Spirit through
In facet of the flowing
A new view found of You


Simple bread and wine
The great mystery
Your body and Your blood
Here You offer me

Intimate encounter
Divinity so true
Please let me be worthy
Of consuming You

Dwelling of the deeper
Surrender be complete
Heaven of the now
Jesus here we meet

For is as Your way
A turning here to see
For in the transforming
You are consuming me

In Solitude Seeking

In solitude seeking
Of nature’s view
Let the soul be
In being with you

intentional dwelling
be in the scene
Let the soul listen
in silence serene

One of receiving
Of Spirit be heard
Let the soul let
As love is the Word

Way if the shaping
Sweet transformation
Let the soul mold
Be of Your creation