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Scripture to Contemplate

On words of the scriptures
To contemplate
Joy of rejoicing
Of Your love so great

Doubting or discouraged
Ignite our hope to claim
For He will not quench
A smoldering flame

He is always there
In times of deepest need
For He will not break
A tender and bruised reed

He does not condemn us
Our soul He does adore
With a simple blessing
To go and sin no more

Into the Nothing

Unpacking, unwinding
Emptiness know
Into the nothing
Here let us go

Just of the being
To Spirit appeal
Gift of the filling
Of grace to reveal

No expectations
Just one of the needing
Hunger and thirsting
Soul of the feeding

A joyful encounter
Beyond of the knowing
Everything found
In gifts overflowing

After the Cross

Locked behind the door
Huddled in our fear
Speaking, Peace be with you
Jesus does appear

Overwhelmed in doubt
Proof to be supplied
Jesus comes to us
Here now, touch my side

Not seeing clearly
On path along the way
Word to us explained
He walks with us this day

Three times a denial
Failure we do see
Jesus calls to us
With His love and mercy

A Finding

Place of Your Presence
Of entrance into
A finding within
Of gate passing through

A welcomed embrace
Feeling so blessed
A finding in You
My place of rest

A melting into
Of light to appear
Place of acceptance
Completeness found here

Fear dissipating
Adrifting, we roam
Carry in soul
This finding of home

Into You

On darkest days
Alone feeling blue
Turning to Savior
We fall into you

In beauty of dawning
And easy turn to
One with Creator
We melt into you

In souls of the lonely
A turn of our view
Heart of connection
We run into you

Your path to follow
Your wisdom pursue
Soul of the molding
We turn into You

Human and Creation

The sunrise bursts in glory
A beautiful display
Let our soul reflect
Your joy throughout this day

Forms of weather, many
Sometimes is severe
As children of your hope
Let us persevere

As all rivers flow
Their gift unto the Sea
Let all our blessings flow
In love of serving thee

In dusk of descending
Sins go in Your mercy
Let us each forgive
All others and of me

A song within the stars
In darkness, way to cope
Let our being shine
To you, our one true hope

Through the gift of Spirit
Surrender of our will
Let all of creation serve
His purpose to fulfill

Radiate and Permeate

Contemplate, contemplate
Word You bestow
Prayer of Your Presence
Letting all go

Radiate, radiate
Inner light glow
Warming the soul
Your love to know

Permeate, permeate
Let Spirit flow
Infuse every cell
Your being to grow

Conjugate, conjugate
A sharing below
Heaven to earth
Your love to sow