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Thoughts from Teresa of Avila

A simple thought for you
Truths to sink herein
In the depths of soul
May there be peace within

May you not forget
The infinite to see
That you are born of faith
Of possibilities

May you use those gifts
Ones that you’ve received
Passing on the love
Upon you God has heaved

May you be content
As child of God be
Let nothing frighten you
God watches over me

Let this Presence settle
Into your bones, bring
The freedom of the soul
To love and praise and sing!

Quotes from Teresa of Avila

Day of Darkest Night

My day of darkest night
So difficult to cope
All that I can offer
A prayer of no hope

When it hurts to be hurt
The Word, hard to perceive
Now, is this the point
Where I cease to believe?

I only can relate
To one of Jesus’ plea
My God, my God, why
Have you abandoned me

I still want to believe
But no light shining through
Bless me the strength to say
Still I trust in you

I’ve nowhere else to turn
Shine a speck of light
Something which to cling
Your way out of the night

Go On Happening

Welcome what is
Happening here
Let it go on
In this happening share

Let go into
This moment be
Surrendering to
It’s content fully

In freedom of being
Give up control
Accepting what is
And pass through the soul

Through gift of the senses
Taste, feel and hear it
Being of present
Attuned to the Spirit

Living each moment
Fully aware
One with your presence
Is a beautiful prayer

“Let whatever is happening happen and go on happening. Welcome whatever it is. Let go into the present moment by surrendering to its content…” Thomas Keating

A Beautiful Is

Let me let
This moment be
Right now right here
Not about me

Not to judge
Not to control
To be of it
To dwell with soul

A beautiful is
Blessed perfectly
Just to receive
To be here fully

Now I am here
To see clearly
Me in this moment
One of this beauty

A New Strength

Worn out and broken
Can’t do it no more
Darkness surrounding
Knees fall to the floor

Pause now in prayer
A voice through the strife
No longer a victim
You’re blessed a new life

Rest in His comfort
Through His light your view
No longer alone
You’ve been born anew

Claim now our Savior
In soul, He resides
Shoulder to shoulder
Christ by our side

A battle to fight
His Kingdom defend
Together we rise
A warrior send!

Contemplative Being

You are present, You are present
You are present, everywhere
You are present, You are present
You are present, with me here

You are seeking, You are seeking
You are seeking, I’m aware
You are seeking, You are seeking
You are seeking, find me here

You are loving, You are loving
You are loving, my soul dear
You are loving, You are loving
You are loving, in me here

We are being, we are being
We are being, binding share
We are being, we are being
We are being, dwelling here

You are present, You are present
You are present, light to bear
You are present, You are present
You are present, through me here

Watching The Birds Feed

Flock or solitude
In nourishment of thee
Lost within the beauty
Of these creatures be

Totally dependent
On what God provides
Perhaps they’re unaware
That providence resides

In eyes of nervousness
Of overwhelming fear
To quick to take flight
Assuming dangers near

A smile in the knowledge
That greater mind does show
There is so much more
Than their hearts do know

Deeper in reflection
Of the greater view
That of all these things
Same of us be true

Feeding Of The Birds

A quote I came across
An inspiration here
“Feeding of the birds
Is a form of prayer”

Purpose of intention
A gift in which to share
Attention to God’s creatures
A simple act of care

Way of gratitude
Of their beauty, see
Practice of awareness
In forming of the “we”

Molding of the soul
Exercise of heart
Through the grace of God
Other gifts impart

Gift of Solemn Grace

Sun setting on water
Shining path of light
Ripples of the spirit
Lifting of soul bright

Solitude of flower
In the forest deep
Silence of surrounding
Into being seep

Blossom of the falling
Blanketing the ground
Beauty of abundance
Given fruit abounds

Foliage of cover
Blessing of embrace
Filters noise of useless
Gift of solemn grace

Great Light Appearing

Going to bed earlier
Tomorrow an event
A great light appearing
One that’s heaven sent

In a burst of glory
Darkness cast away
Warmth within its’ touch
Blessed on all this day

With anticipation
Let our soul prepare
Gift of underserving
That You love to share

Masterpiece of beauty
Praise in our heart fill
Wrapped in peaceful silence
In soul Your hope instill