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A Prayer of There

A beautiful view
Of vision appears
Of mist, trees, and hill
A prayer over there

Flowing of gifts
The Spirit does share
Resting in peace
In unity there

A drawing into
Through the silent air
For all of creation
In One to be there

A welcome into
Becoming aware
My prayer of desire
Of there is in here

The One Who Is

The bread of life
Shines radiantly
A gift of such

One within the
A love of such

An offering
A sharing in

The One who was
And is to be
The One who is

Let us believe
Our Lord is here
Dwelling in me

The Being of All

A cool autumn morning
In light before dawn
A gaze into here
Lets Spirit be spawned

A drawing so fresh
In clearing the mind
To empty our being
Of prayer here to find

An offer of soul
Of simply to be
The being of all
Is the being in me

How precious the gift
This stilling of time
Wrapped in sweet silence
Within the divine

Generation Lost

Heard in eulogies
Our hearts break and cry
Our greatest generation
Is now passing by

The core of their values
Through humility
Kindness and honor
With integrity

Priorities, simple
In order of the three
God and family
And the last is me

Seeking of treasures
Not something to own
But gifts of our Lord
By grace He has shown

Where there were no women
But only ladies
With a true respect
For the elderly

Where a man was only
As good as his word
And helping our neighbor
Each day it occurred

With one way to do things
Just to do it right
To serve our great nation
For freedom to fight

Where children were taught
To work hard, their call
With using their gifts
For the good of the all

And I feel so guilty
Of not living so great
Then comes their wisdom
That it’s never too late


In air that surrounds
We smell with our nose
We feel with our skin
From our head to our toes

With vision were blessed
As we see with our eyes
In our mouth and our tongue
A tasty surprise

In song and in sound
With ears we can hear
With a drawing beyond
Something more does appear

In closing our eyes
Through wisdom God shares
In silence, we still
With a sense of a prayer

Let’s use our five senses
To become aware
In knowing God’s love
That is found everywhere

Investment of Time

In the Word written
We know this is true
That resting in God
Is so good for you

What we all need
This treasure revealing
Letting God love us
Is such a great healing

Being in silence
Stilling the heart
To let Spirit flow
Such gifts he imparts

With the gift of our time
Let us choose well
So wise the investment
With our God to dwell

Mornings’ Insight

A gentle transition
From darkness to light
The way of our faith
This morning’s insight

Of one to awaken
A gift here to show
A blessing of silence
Soft is it’s glow

An offer extended
Of waiting to be
The soul to acknowledge
And accept it for free

Of welcoming in
And letting it flow
The soul of transforming
By Your love to know

Bless Me a Treasure

Would you bless me a treasure?
Of heart to pursue
One of the morning
Of light pouring through

Of blessing the eyes
Such beauty to see
To ponder the wonders
Of grace pouring from Thee

Of breathing the air
So fresh and so clear
Stilling the deep
Of Your flowing here

Of filling the ears
With silence and song
A lyric of knowing
That we all belong

Of drawing the soul
With love here of swelling
Such a treasure divine
Of our intimate dwelling

God Speaks

A truth that we know
God is everywhere
Let it come to reason
That He is speaking here

In this very moment
In all we feel and see
Heard within the silence
How is He calling me?

A gift of nature’s beauty
Wisdom in the Word
A soul within the way
Event that has occurred

Let us come to practice
Attune the soul to hear
The joy within the binding
Where each thought is a prayer