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Morn’ of March

Winters morning shines
In March’s hopeful light
Branches are encased
In robe of holy white

Evergreens adorned
With accent of new snow
Winters last hurrah
Of beauty to bestow

Sit in stilling morn
With my God of love
Awe of painting touched
A falling from above

Beauty strokes the soul
Rejoicing in the scene
Chilling to the bone
Warmth of bond pristine

Let all else fall away
In masterpiece of grace
Adoring two as one
Encased in Your embrace


Deep inside the heart
Desires are the same
So many actions flow
From these simple claims

A needing to belong
A part of something great
And purpose of our life
Gives meaning through the strife

All rooted in the need
To love and to be loved
We search within this world
The answers found above

Belonging to the kingdom
Our purpose will be known
With gifts we are prepared
To follow light that’s shown

All blessed with a love
Forever and so pure
Blessings filled with grace
Desires find their cure


Oh my dear child
The one I adore
I send you my blessing
Desire you more

Dwell with me now
With practice you’ll see
With heavens love binding
On your periphery

That I walk beside you
My whisper in ear
Pausing in silence
My guidance is clear

Let’s be in the now
Love leading the way
Rest in my arms
Right here and all day

Mornings Mind

Mornings mind is racing
Bones are in a rush
Glancing towards horizon
Spirit whispers, hush

Resting on the field
A palette of pure white
A turning of the will
Reflection of Your light

Prayer be of the moment
A letting go of all
In giving of dependence
In loving arms I fall

Peace found in the stilling
Our God of wonder be
Love in the surrounding
A smile’s blessed on me

Continue on your way
I’ll be by your side
When glance will turn to me
Together we’ll reside


Let’s just take a moment
To receive a message clear
Seen within creation
Calling everywhere

From the peak of mountain
Arriving in the sea
Flowing is the river
Through forest wandering

View from up above
In marching clouds of white
Wonders of great shapes
Draw the whole earths sight

Vastness of the ocean
Ever flowing waves
Rise in fall in tides
Something our soul craves

Wind of touching cheek
Sways the giant oak
Leaves sing in the breeze
Song to heart it soaks

Great as nature be
Beyond a work of art
The unseen flows the treasure
Of God’s love to our heart

Field of White

I sit behind my window
In view of field of white
Reflecting in the scene
Casting of Your light

Blessed be this moment
One that’s set aside
A letting go of daily
Through grace in You abide

A warming of the soul
Highlight of my day
Wasting now of time
Entrance of doorway

Drifting into now
Begins what’s seen with eyes
Setting free the soul
To speak without disguise

Creation of amazing
So intricate Your plan
How beautiful Your garden
Bond of God and man

God beyond our knowing
Let soul dwell in above
The only, need to know
Your everlasting love

A Cleaning

Sitting in this time of you
A journey of step small
Desire draws me closer
A whisper of Your call

A mirror true of shining
Stares me in the face
Choices hidden showing
The unneeded I embrace

Cleaning out the closet
Of junk within my soul
An opening of freedom
A surrender of control

I find inside some stumbling blocks
The things of which I fear
Will I give them to my Lord?
Or don’t I trust Him here

Avoidance drives these prayers of fear
That things will go my way
Could I change these thoughts of mine?
To see what God would say?

What if I failed in tasks today?
Lost my job or health?
Would I wallow in despair?
Or would You be my wealth

Let words repeat when worries rise
That fear is not my King
With my soul entrust to You
My Savior do I cling

Our mighty God, with loving grace
Heaven has He made
His precious Son walks with us
Speaking, “Do not be afraid”

God of New

Lord of love surrounding
Connecting worlds of two
Physical and Spirit
Making all things new

Creations ever changing
Insight to behold
New in transformation
Those of willing mold

And what of His beloved
Think of whats in store
Treasure of His kingdom
Always giving more

Let fear not hold me back
Receive the gifts I’m blessed
Grateful for the moment
Light, let soul digest

Joy within this knowledge
Expectation in Your way
Soul explode in hope
Growing new this day


Needle of my compass
Drifts away from You
Prayer of need this morning
Adjustment of my view

Realign my focus
My treasures found abound
Mercy to this sinner
Bathed within Your love

May I dwell within You
In time to set aside
Abiding in Your presence
Growing deep inside

Purpose be attention
To be within Your way
Bless me with the grace
Your servant be this day

Joy in knowledge true
As needle points towards light
God so ever patient
Here to make things right

Beauty of White

Beauty of white covers the scene
Contrast is turned up so bright
Darkness and light, two sides oppose
So clear of the choice that is right

One which is lost in tangles and snares
Caught up in dependence on me
Barren and sharp, alone in the wood
Gratification is all that I see

The other is pure, white, soft and clean
Reflecting Your glorious light
Will is laid down covering all
Vision of hope is so bright

Journey beyond, let my path be to You
Focus on heaven above
Let my will be of You, grateful of heart
Covering all with Your unending love