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Molding of Unknowing

Entering of Presence
Light of rising flow
Transformation looming
Consuming love to know

Home is Word surrounding
Welcoming embrace
Joy within the bonding
Broken met with grace

Surrender in the falling
Trust in letting go
Breath of Spirit guiding
Unseen gifts bestow

Molding of unknowing
Offering of will
Ahead of unseen sharing
Of Presence You instill

Jesus Loves

Jesus loves the lowly
The lonely, broken one
Seeking of the outcast
Those that others shun

No one is alone
Through Jesus all connected
With transforming love
Every heart affected

Each of us is broken
If humble eye will see
Needing of a Savior
One of eternity

Dwelling in these words
Perspective change this day
Rejoice within His grace
Be my view of way

Settle Now the Heart

Settle now the heart
To dwell within the deep
Into light of Spirit
Treasure of souls keep

Resting in above
Covered in Your grace
Flowing precious love
Safe in warm embrace

Center now the soul
Source of being flow
Transformed in sacred light
Being casts a glow

Carry now this center
Light within the way
Dwelling from this space
All through the day

Window, Let me be

Let window now be clear
In practice of receiving
Gift of love divine
One of true believing

God of only love
Pour into this soul
One of desperate need
Surrendering control

Gratefulness surround
Of undeserved grace
Joy within the light
Entwined in tight embrace

Dissipating me
Encounters of the way
A window to divine
Flowing clear, I pray

Giving More

Ego of the clinging
One driven by fear
Offering of Spirit
Whispering so clear

You are my beloved
The one that I adore
If your soul is willing
I want to give you more

Basking in the light
Showered in Your love
Gratefulness abounds
Falling in above

Beautiful the bonding
Grace within the call
Surrendering the will
Let me give it all

Strengthen me with trust
Let Your light now shine
Echoing the Word
Be Your will not mine

Blessing Divine

I don’t understand
And I don’t need to
Placing of my soul
In the hand of You

You cherish and adore
Instilling of Your light
Molding and restoring
Blessed with Your insight

Resting in unknowing
In Spirit of way
Translucent of will
Through me now pray

Refreshed for the journey
Forward view aligned
Knowledge be of trust
Of Your blessing divine

Communing With You

The scene is now calling
A drawing to pause
One of just being
Without any cause

Peace, the enticement
Not of this world be
A gaze of beyond
The treasure to see

Through Spirit of love
A bridge has been won
A blessing bestowed
Through passion of Son

A simple few moments
Of dwelling into
Prayer of unknown
Communing with You

Gift Away

Listen for His calling
The one for us to be
Deep of inner silence
His love eternally

Willing to surrender
Resting in the now
Stilling of the soul
Spirits gifts, allow

One of deepest thirsting
Need that drives the heart
Dwell within the fountain
Divinity, take part

Blessed be this treasure
No hurry to this prayer
One of word receiving
Soul aligned, prepared

A calling of much higher
A servant of the way
Filled, the blessed seek
To give the gift away

Cast a Godly View

When the water stills
The unseen becomes clear
Murkiness remains
Drawing Spirit near

In a room of darkness
Closing of eyes tight
Opening in vision
Brighter is the light

Hunger of the starving
A need driving the will
Blessed be the empty
As they receive their fill

In the deepest valley
Steep ahead the road
Needing of a Savior
A hope, to bear the load

Stress and worry flow
So many things to do
Ascending of the mountain
Casts the Godly view

Be of this Moment

Be of this moment
Cast worries away
Love in the present
Gift of this day

Live with the purpose
Of sharing His love
Eternal perspective
Of heaven above

Share of the gifts
Be who you can be
Depend upon grace
It’s not about me

Joy of acceptance
Grace covering
Protection of Jesus
Peace surrounding