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Our Savior is Here!

Souls of the waiting
Through toil and sin
A people of calling
Our hope now begins

He comes to our time
So humble He be
Vulnerable a babe
Salvation is He

Now to a place
Acceptance He seeks
To heart in the need
Sincere and so meek

We open up wide
With only our trust
A light now ignites
Our old life as rust

New life is birthed
Born from above
God now with us
Through God man in love

Void is exposed
The missing we see
Treasures of heaven
Blessed upon me

Incarnate our hope
Hearts now revere
Souls sing rejoice
Our Savior is here!

The Gaze

In dark of nights bright shining
A star was found to call
In hope before the dawning
A path laid for us all

A journey of the walking
In openness of will
A movement of souls drawing
Arriving, stopping still

A knowing in the dwelling
So humble our God be
In homage, fall in kneeling
Peace consuming me

Transfixed within the gazing
Of light within His eyes
Fulfillment of the calling
Delights the soul, surprised

An insight found in bonding
Wisdom of divine
A gaze of cross’s calling
In love our purpose find

Interior Silence

Interior silence
The egos worst fear
God now providing
His truth be aware

His loves all I need
He’s sharing it now
Eternal abundance
Acceptance allow

No need for world’s power
Through God is my worth
Let humility rein
A servant on earth

In daily distresses
Find comfort herein
My God has a plan
His arms dwell within

Fear has no power
Worry now flee
Jesus my Lord
My security

Throughout my day
Turns inwards in prayer
Dwell with these truths
My God speaking here

Moment of Retreat

A moment of retreat
Falls upon the now
Blessed gift of freedom
Grace that You allow

Falling into being
Resting in Your arms
Dwelling in Your safety
Free of fear or harm

Nestled in the womb
Innocence of birth
Basking in Your light
Insights to unearth

That Your love is true
Unending, unconstrained
Abundance overflowed
Unfathomed is attained

Peace engrain within
Stilling of the soul
Humbleness remain
Praise to You extol

Life and Death Choices

Choosing death, choosing life
Decisions that I make
As I go about my day
In which will I partake?

I would never murder
But has my mind been fed?
In thoughts of anger risen
Wishing that they were dead?

When tongue distorts the truth
When I speak a lie
Another soul’s deceived
Death of truth implied

Joining in with gossip
Slander fills the air
Killing reputation
Says I do not care

Intention of my heart
Build up or to destroy
Do my actions leave?
A heart emptied of joy

Souls I put in buckets
When I cast aside
Their worthiness destroyed
From what my mind decides

When my time has come
To choose with my last breath
To want the love of God
From life that’s practiced death

Nourished With Unknown

Creations scene is speaking
In word beyond the known
Nourished soul is bowing
Filled within the shown

Food of Spirit sharing
Unknowing source of need
Gift so satisfying
Grace of which soul feeds

Gentle wind is blowing
Silence of the deep
Stirred within the moving
Unspoken peace is reaped

Love is overflowing
Smile in the light
Filled beyond of knowing
Divine of soul unite


Why would I turn away
From Gods love for me
Let’s ponder on this thought
What could the reasons be?

Perhaps that I’m not good enough
A love that must be earned
Wounds of childhood remain
Unwanted, I’d be spurned

That I’m not deserving
Not worthy of His love
Deep scars born of wounds
Discourage ways above

That I am too busy
I can do it all
I love the things I have
Don’t need another call

Those so called Christians are
Worst hypocrites I know
The pious, judgment casters
Point out wrongs they show

That God’s a man-made crutch
A fable of folk lore
Words of olden days
Religion such a bore

No one has story shared
How God has played a role
No one has cared enough
To help to fill the hole

Perhaps these thoughts may help
A prayer to change my way
To help a soul to see
Your love shine through today

Freedom to Refuse Love

Question of eternal
Of final resting place
God offers us a choice
A decision to embrace

God is not a policeman
To catch us being mad
God is not a Santa Claus
Reward for good not bad

In God there is no hate
Does not send us to hell
No desire for revenge
Command us, does not tell

Our God is only love
Wanting to restore
One of endless mercy
Healing, giving more

Our freedom He does give
A choice for us to make
Hells not the will of God
Heavens’ love for us to take

Based upon text taken from Bread for the Journey, by Henri J. M. Nouwen

Sacred Lights Embrace

Footsteps echo on the path
Walking in the way
Ascending to the mountain
In blessed time to pray

Your light is cast on water
Captured in the flow
Soul rests now in silence
Your presence here I know

Let not me think this in
Flow right to the soul
Receiving of Your treasures
Praise to You extol

Knowledge of unseen
Absorbed within Your light
Bathed in pool of joy
Love blessed through Your insight

An empty offering
Is filled with heavens grace
A resting in Your heart
Of sacred lights embrace

Wrapped in angels song
The soul is lifted high
Carried with Your will
Love to be applied