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What to Do

Empty spaces
Empty places
No one seen
Within the view

Sullen faces
No embraces
I will stay
Six feet from you

Fear pervasive
Germs invasive
No one knows
Quite what to do

Sacred spaces
Holy places
Can be seen
Within the view

Joyful faces
Love embraces
God remains
Right here with you

Grace pervasive
Peace invasive
Our God knows
Just what to do

Breaths Taken

Our breaths every day
Of 23000 and four
Those with corona
Long for one more

When we don our masks
Our breathing aware
Let us take this time
To offer a prayer

In times such as these
Not in our control
We turn to our Lord
And bind with our soul

For He knows your pain
As He went to His death
On the suffering cross
He struggled for breath

Love that He loves
Know that He knows
Comfort in His comfort
Of Peace He bestows

Through Peace

With a little more grace
And little more space
We’ll slow this virus down

With a little more care
And little more prayer
We’ll help those all around

We’ll give our thanks
To all the ranks
In service here this day

We’ll hope there be
Scientists see
A cure will come our way

We’ll turn above
To God of love
And know us He adores

We’ll place our hope
And know we’ll cope
Through peace that He outpours